Hidar 20, 2011, Kislev 21, Thursday, November 29, 2018   

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family, 

INI, we, YHWH’S family, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on three days from today, we observe Chanukah!

Yosef, faced adversity within and without. He was brought down by Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh. In modern times, Potiphar is the equivalent of the city, state and or federal police. 

Potiphar was captain of the guard. Potiphar bought Yosef from the Ishmeelites, which brought Yosef down to Mitzraim.

YHWH was with Yosef. Yosef was a prosperous man. He was in the house of the Egyptian.

The Egyptian saw that YHWH ALMIGHTY was with Yosef. All that Yosef did, prospered in his hand, because YHWH MADE IT HAPPEN!

Yosef found grace in his sight, and served him. Potiphar made Yosef overseer over his house, and all he put his hand to.

All that he had made him overseerer of that he had, YHWH BLESSED. YHWH BLESSED the Egyptian’s house for Yosef’s sake. THE BLESSINGS OF YHWH ALMIGHTY was upon all that he had in his house, and in the field. 

He left all that he had in Yosef’s hand. He did not know ehat he had, except for the bread he ate. Yosef was a GOODLY PERSON AND WELL FAVORED. Bereshit/Genesis 39:5

Over the course of time, after these things, Potiphar’s wife cast her eyes on Yosef. In modern day times, a Potiphar wife might cast a spell and or eye Yosefs to, “lie with her”.

Any wombman married in ruach, truth and reality, is a married woman. Her husband is with her, for her, cares for her and her needs. If she was called, chosen and accepted by her husband she is married to him and he is married to her.

According to YHWH’S Commandments, INI do not commit adultery. 

Potiphar’s wife sought to entice Yosef to lie with her. According to YHWH ALMIGHTY, INI do not commit adultery.

In the world, not of the world, we are amongst unfaithful, sinister, evil, wicked people. People who may hold high positions of power and authority. Yosef’s refusal to compromise a high spiritual and human value, given to humanity and divinity by YHWH ALMIGHTY, reflects Yosef’s integrity and self discipline.

Yosef said to Potiphar’s wife, (IN MODERN DAY VERNACULAR) ” Look here Linda, Linda Becky, Potiphar don’t know or care about what is in his house that he has left in my care. He has committed all he has to my hand. There ain’t none greater in this house than I. The only thing he has kept from me Linda Becky, is you. Because you are his wife. 

Yosef had to remind Linda Becky that she is a married woman, because she was not honoring her marital vows.

Yosef knew the consequences of adultery. Yosef knew that to YHWH and YHWH’S FAMILY, PEOPLE adultery is great wickedness and sin. 

Confused, desolate people of the world make indiscriminate casual sex, fornication, sodomy, gamorrah, and all other forms of sexual perversion appear as ok, alright, accepted and acceptable.

Go to 23:30 of the vid below to see how media “normalizes” perversions and has a platform of  “talk shows and sit in communion and communication with aka “shit coms”, shows in which people talk, express, pontificate, corral, and “normalize” their wicked, perverse, demonic, satanic values.

Normalization of desolation has never, does not , nor will ever be glory, honor and praise to YHWH ALMIGHTY.

Content of that video is far from THE TRUTH OF YHWH. A society that is comfortable with normalizing acceptance of pervsion is not True wisdim, righteousness, knowledge, honor and worship to YHWH.

YHWH allows such matters to exist as a service to those who are captured in the satanic, demonic, luciferian captivity.

When two people, a man and a wombman,  share and commit to a common thought, they are inseparable.

Day by day, Potiphar’s wife spoke to Yosef to lie by or be with her. He did not concede, give in to her nor give up his position.

About the time Yosef went into the house to do his business, none of the men of the house were there.

Linda Becky caught him by his garment saying, “Lie with me”. He flew like a bat out of sheol and got out. Bereshit/Genesis 39:12.

He left his garment in her hand as he sought to flee from her. She called the men of her house. 

HEBREWS BEWARE! ESPECIALLY HEBREW MALES! Linda Becky is a liar. She may be in a high regarded position. She may be “attractive” to Potiphar and Potiphar’s people. She is no less a liar, and adulterous woman.

When and if she can not manipulate and or exploit a Hebrew she will lie on Hebrews.

She flipped the script in her accusation against Yosef. She no longer identifed him by his name, when she did not get  what she wanted from him. She identified him as “a Hebrew aka black,  one who turned away from her.”

Her lie, was to first call the men to see the matter as she said it was/is.

In her insanity, she refers not to her husband as her husband, she refers to him as, “he”. Her oneness with her husband flipped from first person to second person because she was separated from the union.

Her lie, secondly was to communicate, collaborate and coordinate her lie with the men of her house. 

Bereshit/Genesis 39:14

See he hath brought in an Hebrew to us to mock us. He came in unto me to lie with me, and i cried with a loud voice.

O Linda Backy Becky, you liar. 

The men of the house knew the truth. But in their, ” solidarity” of, in, with and to wicked, sinful, corruption NO ONE SAID ANYTHING. NO ONE STOOD UP FOR YOSEF. NO ONE DID ANYTHING. 

Linda Becky practiced her lie, until she believed the lie. She laid up Yosef’s garment until Potiphar came home.

His wrath kindled, at the HEBREW, because of the lie his wife told him, Potiphar put Yosef in prison. 

YHWH was with Yosef, showed him mercy, and gave him favor in the sight of the prison keeper. All the prisoners in peison were committed to Yosef’s hand by the prison keeper. Whatever they did, he was the doer of it. That is, he made it happen.

YHWH made what Yosef did, does and will do to prosper. BLESSINGS OF YHWH to Yosef, was, is and will be that YOSEF IS A GOODLY PERSON, WELL FAVORED.


Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose