Ethiopic Nashi 28, Hebrew Elul 23, Monday September 3, 2018

Parashat מותזבום. Parashat Nitzabim (in Diaspora) Yemi Ratzon 25

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family and community,

Prayer for the month of Elul, for forty days of Awe, a Season of Repentance.

“May it be Your will YHWH, KADOSH TRINITY, our Power and Power of our fathers, that You renew for INI a good month in our Adonai Yahoshua Ben YHWH, The Messiah. So Be It.”

During the Days of AWE, may YHWH find favor with YHWH’S sons and daughters.

Raise up and rise up in wisdom, righteousness, truth, goodness, kindness, knowledge, and shalom!

Blowing the Shofar!

Sound the alarm!

YHWH Shine light on darkness!


Proclaim YHWH’S righteousness, goodness, grace, truth, and shalom from YHWH ALMIGHTY, from our Abba, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Ruach Kadesh!


ALL assembled, set aside, standing, who stand together are family and community.

Torah portion Nitzabim are Moshe’s parting words to the childten of Israel prior to the children of Israel entering into the Promised Land.

Yahoshua Ben YHWH, The Hamashiach, The Annoonted king’s destiny was, is and will be to arise and restore the kingdom of David to its original glory and sovereignty.

The temple and the kingdom of YHWH will be built by the Kadosh Trinity. YHWH WILL GATHER IN THE DISPERSED OF ISRAEL.

Heads of tribes, elders, officers- all men of Israel, small children, women, proselyte within the camp stood and stand in one accord.

To pass into the oath, the covenant of YHWH, The Power and into His oath, that YHWH seals with INI, we, YHWH’S people, to HIM and that YHWH be a Power to INI, we, as he SPOKE to INI and as he swore to INI forefathers, Abraham, Yscok, and Yaacob, is YHWH’S original word and promise.

It was not with INI alone did YHWH seal the covenant, oath, imprecation but with whomever is here standing with INI today before YHWH, our Power, and with whoever is not here with INI today.


Whoever does not accept Him and accept that he will return, denies the Torah, Prophets and Brit Chadash.

The Torah is a testimony of HIM. The Prophets is a testimony of the prophecy of HIM. The Brit Chadash contains his Testimony.

The Torah is a testimony of the oneness of Israel.The Brit Chadash is a testimony of all who accept Yahoshua.

The Torah is a testimony of standing. Torah Portion Nitzabim is a testimony of standing. The Brit Chadash is a testimony of how the Kingdom stands.

Future redemption will happen to the once Falashaed ones and ones. Micah 4

Gathering in together from exile and desolation was, is and will be a result of ones holding tight to YHWH’S WORD; BOTH THE LIVING AND WRITTEN WORD

Wherever YHWH had scattered YHWH’S people, who YHWH exiled, YHWH promised to gather INI, we and bring INI into the land which INI fathers have possessed.

YHWH gives INI the freedom to choose life and goodness or death and evil.

The question to ask, in the face of all matters, is where do INI, we, YHWH’S people stand?

Ihit Ahkot,
Mary Rose

Ethiopic 7510, Hebrew 5778, February 12, 2018

I would like to testify, what Jah has done for me!

For almost three years I have been writing and posting on my raisingupthehouseofjudah.wordpress.com. and aghs.wordpress.com websites.

I have made it known how the website and my email account were compromised, confiscated, redirected through modem day technological warfare! Even to this day, battles continue!

Often it would take twice as much time to address sugar honey ice tea that had been done than it took to write an article!

None the less, YHWH’S grace has been Amazing!

In the process of time much was revealed and equally much was concealed.

Beta Israel, we are truly a special people!  In a very harsh and cruel world, YHWH’S Amazing Grace leads, guides, comforts and sustains!

Effective today, February 12, 2018 this website name has been changed from:




Hallelujah! Halleluyah!

Beta Israel near and far we have endured and will endure and prevail  because of YHWH’S Amazing Grace!

YHWH’S will, 2018 will be a great and good year! Be ready to serve YHWH in better and greater ways!

Your circumstance does not define who you are nor whose you are. Seek YHWH’s Kingdom and YHWH’S righteousness and “all these things” shall be added-Wisdom, Righteousness, TRuth, Understanding, Kindness, Shalom, Grace, Loyalty, Humility- Anavah, Knowledge, Beauty, Marriage, Children, Family, Jerusalem, Zion and Power!

YHWH’S Grace and Shalom!

Ihit Ahkotee, Mary Rose

UPDATE 2-12-2018

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