Ethiopic Nashi 19, Hebrew Elul 14, Saturday August 25, 2018,
ט׳ בֶּאֱלוּל תשע״ח Parashat Ki Teitzei (in Diaspora), Yemi Ratzon 15

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

Prayer for the month of Elul, for forty days of Awe, a Season of Repentance.

“May it be Your will YHWH, KADOSH TRINITY, our Power and Power of our fathers, that You renew for INI a good month in our Adonai Yahoshua Ben YHWH, The Messiah. So Be It.”

During the Days of AWE, may YHWH find favor with YHWH’S sons and daughters who raise up and rise up in wisdom, righteousness, truth, goodness, knowledge, and Shalom!

On Shabbat during Elul refrain from blowing the Shofar!

Amos 3:6
Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and YHWH ALMIGHTY, the LORD hath not done it?

Blowing the shofar a month before INI High HOLY days confused and confuses INI enemies.



Halleluyah, Hallelujah!

Abba Father, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Hamashiach, Ruach Kadesh, YHWH’S people’s mutual and concrete understanding and application of righteous, good nature of relationships of marriage, children, family, tribe, community, nation is applied and revealed in human and divine life, love and loyalty of Abba Father, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Hamashiach, Ruach Kadesh, YHWH’S people’.

Elul Blessings, Ki Teitzei-


Yahoshua is Righteous!

Never allow anyone nor anything to destroy your faith in Abba Father, His Son, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Ruach Kadesh.

In and of the remnant in the Ingathering, Isaiah RE’EH, saw and sees according to the Ruach Kadesh, who truly are YHWH’S people.

Man say and do all manner of good deeds and acts.

Man say and do ask manner of evil.

Yahoshua is RIGHTEOUS.


Ruach Kadesh is RIGHTEOUS!

If you do not believe YHWH IS REAL AND RIGHTEOUS, and that Satan and Luciferians have and are doing all they can to deceive, steal, kill, destroy and distract, YHWH’S people, you are deceived.

The Battle of Armageddon was and is such that only the best, disciplined, loyal and well prepared soldiers of, in and with YHWH are able to truly fight and win.

Part time soldiers, have part time duties.

The war is a battle to save and redeem souls from captivity of satanist and luciferians.

Some satanist and luciferians appear as straight up devils.

Others appear as though they are upright angelic. Hear what they say. Cipher their intent.

Malakim who are destroyers, destroy.

What is the Ruach of those who profess THE ALMIGHTY?

What is the Ruach of those who profess to be spiritual family?

After being Falashaed, only ones who will be able to stand, those who have been afflicted, and ones whose faith in YHWH stands, who maintain the profession of faith, without wavering, who has not turned to satanist and luciferians are accepted and acceptable to YHWH.

In the ingathering :

Exo 23:16 – And the feast of harvest, the firstfruits of thy labours, which thou hast sown in the field: and the feast of ingathering, which is in the end of the year, when thou hast gathered in thy labours out of the field.

Exo 34:22 – And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year’s end.

No one and nothing is sacred to satanist.

Luciferians and satanist are like dogs that return their vomit and or will bite their own tail.

We, YHWH’S people BATTLE not against flesh and blood, but against principles and principalities of darkness in high places.

Therefore the war, the battle, not against flesh and blood, but against principles and principalities of darkness in high places is in the minds of people and in The High Places.

The war is against Demonic forces seen and unseen, known and unknown that captivate minds, thoughts, hearts and souls.

How do INI know a mind, heart, body, soul has been captured by satanist?

By the way they think,what they say do, do not say, do not do and impact of what they say and do, do not say, do not do.

They war against themselves and others.

They war against real and perceived enemies.

Because they do not accept YHWH, they are INI enemies.

Righteous good people of YHWH, be not afraid of them.

They have taught those who have enrolled in their armies, lies.

They have inculcated their lies for generations to their soldiers. So even their soldiers who seek to be and do good are deceived and are workers of deception, system soldiers.

Their soldiers who are able to face and accept the truth, know that they were deceived.

Several months ago I met a Veteran of the United Snakes.

He openly admitted to me and several others that he went to war, under the direction of the United Snakes Commanders, and he killed people during the Iran contra war.

He appeared very remorseful for killing people, even to that day.

He said out of his own mouth that he was “Ollie North’s” personal security to bring drugs into the US”.

He visably appeared distraught about what he did, that he could not ” undo”.

He thought, he said, he was going into the military to protect the United Snakes against enemies. He thought he was showing loyalty to”his boss”.


What he enrolled in was an world ordered organized, collaborative, collective, communication network of evil and wickedness.

Upon his return from “war” torn inside, he said he still had strap metal in one of his limbs, mental ambush anguish in his mind, and a love/hate for the US.

He was rewarded with being called NIGGA, by those with whom he worked and works.

He became a guinepig for those veterans administration administrators, who adminiatrate veteran activity after the vets get issued, used and return to the United Snakes.


War, Ki Teizei, כי תצא, is a war against enemies. Those inside and out.

Know that not everyone who others say is INI enemy is INI enemy.

YHWH had has and will remove satanist and luciferian reign, influence and control, from YHWH’S people.

Victory is in, with, to YHWH ALMIGHTY.

Recently I discovered where those who do what they do went into my You tube account and created playlist that I knew nothing about nor did I knowingly give them consent to do so.

Not only did they do that, they have deleted a great number of videos from my playlist.

As I looked at what they did, on my electronic device, I know they know that I know what they have done.

In Yahoshua’s name, YHWH recompense them.

I am shining light on their dark sinister activity.

Let not the wiles of improper and wicked activity, by improper and wicked people dissuade INI we of FAITH IN YHWH, of YHWH’S acceptance, love, care and protection for INI, we, YHWH’S people. Psalms 91.

The enemy watch and monitor YHWH’S people, because they know they have very little time, 2019 is almost here.

All the nations, They, Balak’s, aka Ammorites and their cronies, aka Balams, Moabites, are doing all manner of evil to deceive, steal, kill, destroy, distract and curse INI.

Be not deceived because they wear priestly robes, uniforms and they wear suits as well.

Hear Ye, Hear ye!!


YHWH ALMIGHTY IS INI’S Salvation and Redeemer. Isaiah 11

Doubtless thou are INI father, though Abraham be ignorant of INI, and Israel acknowledge INI not, thou O YHWH ALMIGHTY, are INI father, INI Redeemer, thy name is from everlasting. Isaiah 63: 16

1. In 2016 Catholic Pope and EOTC Priest meet, kiss and exchange pleasantries-

2. Monsanto knew they had produced and manufactured glyphosate, cancer causing chemicals. Their greed has not changed nor have they. They repackage their sugar honey ice tea and sell it to all those blinded ones who buy into their sugar honey ice tea markets and shittim.

3. Haille Selassie Battles Pope Paul VI- Celestial Battle https://youtu.be/vQxdG-shS2A

Both sacred and mundane wars are being fought at high levels.

Daughters of Zion, Be righteous, and do good, Rise

Shabbat Shalom,
Ihit Ahkot,
Mary Rose

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