Todah Rabbah!

Shalom Selamta!

Ethiopic 7510, Hebrew Adar 14, 5778, March 1, 2018

Happy Purim!

The House of Judah is the House of Dawid.

YHWH protect, secure and bless marriage, children, family, tribe, community, nation, Jerusalem, Zion!

Todah Rabbah Ruach Kadesh! Ruach Kadesh provides who and what is required to face reality, truth and spirit.

Todah Rabbah for guidance and communion, truth, righteousness. Good ruach of Truth.

Todah Rabbah for trustworthiness and truth. Todah rabbah for wisdom, righteousness and understanding.

Todah Rabbah for kindness, shalom and grace.

Todah Rabbah for loyalty, knowledge and beauty

Todah Rabbah for service, power and presence in, with and for The One True Source, Kadosh Triune, Almighty YHWH, YHWH’S message and Messenger. Hebrews 1:1-4.

Hag Sameach,

Happy Purim

Ihit Ahkotee, Mary