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Shabbat Shalom, Senbet Selam,  Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family, INI, we, YHWH’S family, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on eight days from today, in less than two shabuas, we observe

  • Chanukah!!

    From eve of Hadar 23, Kislev 24, December 2 until December 10, 2018 we greet ones and ones, “Chag Urim Sameach!”

The Apocrypha is one of the highest education, learning, research, study books.

Ones who follow, keep, are, do and seek good righteousness, seek YHWH ALMIGHTY, look to THE Rock of INI salvation. 

 The First Book of Maccabees Chapter 1 chronicles historical and current events.

Israel fully resolved and confirmed within INI selves do not eat any unclean thing, do not profane the Kadosh Covenant.

כשלו, Casleu, in Hebrew is the Gregorian month of November- December. In the civil year it is the ninth month.

According to the Book of Maccabees, in the hundredth and fifth year,  they set up the abomination of desolation upon the altar, and built idol altars, on every side,  throughout the cities of Judah. 

It happened that the Macedonian Phillip’s son, Alexander, of the land of Chettim, smote the Persianand Medes king named Darius of the Greeks.

Alexander made wars, won strongholds,  slew kings of the earth, went to the end of the earth, and took spoils of many nations.

His heart was lifted up and he was exalted. He gathered strong hosts, ruled over countries, nations, and kings who became tributaries to him.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Who and where does such in modern times?

Alexander called his servants, brought up with him from youth, who to him were,       “honorable”, and parted his kingdom among them, while he lived.

Alexander reigned twelve years and then he died.

After his death they and their sons all put crowns on themselves, multiplying evil in the earth.

Antiochus, surnamed Epiphanes, a wicked root of Antiochus, head been a hostage in Rome. He had reigned in the hundred and thirty seventh year of the Greeks.

Wicked men went pout of Israel, persuading many, saying, ” Let’s go and make a covenant with heathens around and about, for since we departed from the heathens we have had much sorrow.

Ten years ago, YHWH sent Yahoshua to save my soul. I look to Yahoshua, my Savior for Wisdom, Ruach, truth,  reality, grace, Shalom, righteousness, Divine Intelligence, the way, light.
No matter how matters are and or appear, my faith and trust in Yahoshua and Yahoshua’s word, applied does result in grace and truth present in power, present in reality, present in loyalty, life and love.

It pleased the wicked of Israel to go and do after heathens. They built a place of exercise at Jerusalem according to heathen customs. They made themselves uncircumcised, forsook the covenant, joined themselves to the heathens, and were sold to do mischief.

If put in a pit ( as Yosef’s brothers did to him)  what ones intend for evil YHWH intends for good. 

And or if one has dug a pit for themself,  they make themselves uncircumcised. 

What do we do that we not corrupt INIself?

If it is YHWH’S purpose, plan, intent and will that ones return to Mitzraim, what can ones and ones do?

If ones do not and are not allowed to return to YHWH, to YHWH’S land, what do ones do?

Falashaed Judah and Israel appointed, appoint one head.

YHWH said in the book of Hosea that Hosea is not Gomer, Israel’s husband because of Israel’s behavior unacceptable to Hosea.

YHWH’S plea is for Israel to return. YHWH’S promise is to heal Israel’s backsliding, love Israel freely, turn away YHWH’S anger, be as the dew to Israel. Israel will grow as the Lily and cast forth roots from Lebanon.

Israel’s branches shall spread, and Israel’s beauty shall be as the olive tree. Israel will smell as Lebanon.

Ephraim shall say, what have I to do any more with idols?

The blind and the lane do not enter David’s house.

Chapter 14 of Hosea is a promise from YHWH ALMIGHTY.

Ones who follow righteousness, seek YHWH ALMIGHTY, look to THE Rock of INI salvation.

Antiochus thought to reign over Mitzraim to have dominion of two realms. He entered into Mitzraim with great multitude, chariots, elephants, horsemen and navy.

Antiochus made wart against Ptolemee, king of Mitzraim. 

Ptolemee was afraid of Antichus, and fled from him. Many were wounded to death.

That is how Antiochus got strong cities in Mitzraim and took spoils of Mitzraim. 

Afterwards, Antiochus smote Mitzraim after he got the strong cities and took the spoils of Mitzraim.

He returned and went yup against Israel and Jerusalem with a great multitude.

At that point, he proudly went into the sanctuary, took away the golden altar, lampstands of light, all the vessels, table of showbread, pouring vessels, vials, gold censers, the veil, crowns, golden ornaments before the temple, all which he pulled off.

He took silver, gold, precious vessels, and hidden treasures he found.

When he had taken all away, he went to his own land, hanging made a great massacre, spoke and speaks very proudly.

In every place where MEHIR, near and far were and are there was and is great mourning. Princes and elders mourn, virgins and young men were made feeble, beauty of wombman changed.

Every bridegroom took up lamentation, she that day in the marriage chamber was and is in heaviness.

The land was moved for the inhabitants of the land. All the house of Yaacob was covered with confusion.

After two years fully expired theking sent his chief collector of tributaries to the cities of Juda, who cameto Jerusalem with a great multitude.

Peaceable words were spoken, but the peaceable words were all deceit.

When Israel gave Antiochus credit, he suddenly fell on the city, smote it berry sore and destroyed much people of Israel.

He took spoils of the city, then set the city on fire. He pulled down houses and walls on every side.

They took women and children captive and possessed the cattle.

Then they built the city of David with a great and strong wall, mighty towers, made it a strong hold, for them, put therein a sinful nation, wicked men and therein fortified themselves.

Stored with armor and victuals, they gathered spoils of Jerusalem, laid up, and became a sore snare.

An evil adversary to Israel, it was a place to lie in wait against the sanctuary.

They shed innocent blood on every side of the sanctuary and defiled it.

Jerusalem inhabitants fled because of them. The city was made a habitation of strangers, strange to ones born in her, and her own children left her.

Her sanctuary was laid waste like a wilderness, her feasts were turned to mourning, her shabbats into reproach, her honor into contempt.

As was her glory, so was her dishonor increased. Her excellency was turned into mourning.

Antiochus wrote to his whole kingdom that all should be one people.

Earlier today, I wrote an article about the universality of music. 

Do not get it twisted, music is universal. The whole world of Antiochus is not one people.

Antiochus wrote that everyone should leave his laws. All the heathens agreed and consented to his religion.

The heathens sacrificed to idols, profaned the Shabbat and feast days, followed the strange laws of the land, forbid burnt offerings, sacrifice and drink offerings, pollute the sanctuary, and kadosh people.

Heathens set yup altars, groves and chapels of idols, sacrifice swine flesh, unclean beasts, that they leave their children uncircumcised.

Heathens make their souls abominable with all manner of unclean profanations.

In the end, heathens forget the law, and change all ordinances.

Antiochus commanded the cities of Judah to sacrifice, city by city.

Gathered with them, the people committed evils in the land.

Israelites were driven into secret places, whatsoever, we could flee to sukkot/succour.

The abomination of desolation was set yup on the fifteenth day of Casleu.

On the twenty-fifth of Casleu aka Xmas, celebrated by Xtians and others of theworld, all over the world, they sacrifice upon the idol altar, which became their “G d”.

Certain wombman were put to death who caused their children to become circumcised.

MEHIRS near and far, fully resolved and persuaded and confirmed, do not eat any unclean thing.


Isaiah 51:16

And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people.


Ihit Ahkot, 

Mary Rose