• Hidar 14, 2011, Kislev 15, Friday,  November 23, 2018,

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    Shabbat Shalom, Senbet Selam,  Selamta Tenayistiling Family, INI, we, YHWH’S family, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on nine days from today, in less than two shabuas, we observe

  • Chanukah.

    From eve of Hadar 23, Kislev 24, December 2 until December 10, 2018 we greet ones and ones, “Chag Urim Sameach!”

  • Hidden under White supremacy and privilege, aka an  Esau agenda, when Pharaoh and his army seek to sell and profit from possession, distribution, and use of cannabis, they speak in code and act in secrecy.
  • Spiritual warfare, is a fight to keep and hold on to INI faith in YHWH.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

    Spiritual warfare, is a fight to keep and hold on to INI faith in YHWH.

  • We have sacraments, life, love and loyalty in addition to, with, for and of the Living word to support and sustain INI?

    In a previous article I wrote about the spiritual and sometimes physical battle humanity and divinity face.

  • When Pharaoh and his cabinet speaks to demonize cannabis he and his army call cannabis  “narcotics, weed, pot, schedule 1, drugs, addictive substance” amongst other labels.


    Esau vs Yaacob agenda is white supremacy and privilege agenda, vs YHWH.

  • As we prepare to observe Chanukah, In Yahoshua’s name, whether Chanukah observance is with few and or many,  may YHWH’s MEHIRS who observe Chanukah,   raise up, rise up, increase and expand in spiritual and physical good, righteous humanity and divinity.
  • A fight is a battle. Whether ones think themselves superior and or privileged.


  • Spiritually we battle not against flesh and blood but against principles and principalities of wickedness, darkness in high places.

  • For warriors, fighting is a natural and common activity.

  • For lovers, fighting is adversarial and avoided.

  • If one is a righteous warrior, one fights for who and what is righteous and good.

  • If one is a wicked warrior, that one fights for who and what is wicked, evil, sinister, and that is error.

  • If one loves, lives and is loyal to YHWH, ones intent, purpose, plan and will is to seek YHWH’S favor.

  • Maccabees have and do what is necessary to sustain righteousness and good, in the face of adversaries and adversarial circumstances and situations.

  • On the journey of life, love and loyalty, when evil and wickedness is revealed, if the culprit (s) do not cease, desist, and repent, what does YHWH DO?

  • That is an interesting question.

  • There was a time when Yaacob was told by YHWH to arise and go up to Beth-el and dwell there, and to make an altar to YHWH.

  • YHWH to whom the altar was and is to be made by Yaacob is YHWH that appeared when Yaacob fled from the face of Yaacob’s brother, Esau.

  • Yaacob said to his house hold, and to all that were with him, ” Put away the strange g ds that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments.” Bereshit/Genesis 35: 1-2.

  • Hold up swoleup!

  • What was/is the spiritual warfare that Yaacob faced and faces?

  • Are we not reading our historical narrative of our people?

  • Why then, would Yaacob and his house hold, a  righteous, good people have strange g ds?

  • Why then did Yaacob say to his house hold and to all that were with him,  for the household to put away the strange g ds among the household of ones with Yaacob?

  • Why then would we be told to be clean and change garments?

  • Our historical narrative is that there were strange g ds amongst a righteous, good people because the word proclaims: Bereshit/Genesis 35: 4

  • And they gave unto Yaacob all the strange g ds which were in their hand, and all their earrings, which were in their ears, and Yaacob hid them under the oak that was by Shechem.

  • Selah

  • Spiritual warfare both internally and externally is like taking a spiritual hammer and using it to keep all false, fake, wicked and evil nailed and put away.

  • In the 46th Torah portion called כ״ב בְּאָב תשע״ח Parashat Eikev (in Diaspora), there are two Psalms of great significance to study, that link to and are in relation to parashat Eikev. 

  • Psalms 9
  • Psalms 86
  • Note, in Psalms 9 the chief musician, Muthlabben, ” interpreted, death of the son” is not a musical instrument, it is the title of the Psalm.
  • The psalm begins as a psalm of praise with ones whole heart.
  • Enemies are turned back, fall and perish at YHWH’S presence.
  • The heathen is rebuked the wicked destroyed, their name put out forever.


The nation’s that forget YHWH are turned into sheol.

Psalms 86, David declares, in verse 8, “Among the g ds, there is none like thee, neither are there any works like thy works. 

ALL NATIONS THAT YHWH made shall come and worship before thee YHWH, and glorify thy name.

David beseeches YHWH to “Teach me thy way, O YHWH ALMIGHTY”, and then David proclaims, ” I will walk in thy truth”.

David asks for his heart to be united to fear YHWH’S name.

Was David’s heart divided and or was he double minded? What does the word say? David’s humanity made mistakes. David’s divinity raised up, rise up, in, with, to and for YHWH.


It is very clear in his plea that David loved YHWH.

There were ones who hated/hate David because David says so in verse 17. David ask YHWH for a token for good that they which hate me see it, and be ashamed because YHWH helped, helps and will help and comfort me.” 


Debarim/Deuteronomy 7:12 proclaims it will come to pass if we hearken to YHWH’S judgments, keep and do them, that YHWH shall keep to INI the covenant and mercy, which he swear to INI fathers.



Before YHWH does what YHWH PROMISED, if one was, and or is in spiritual warfare, fights and battles, is hated, despised, and treated with all manner of disdain, hold on to that which INI received in the beginning. 1 John 1


When humanity and divinity fail and faulter, YHWH IS FAITHFUL!

Modei ani Lefaneka Melek wahakayom. Hekeshezarta Banishmati Behamela Raba Emonateca.

I gratefully give thanks and praises to the living and enduring King, for you have faithfully restored my soul, great is thy faithfulness.

YHWH ALMIGHTY SOURCE, knows and sees INI, we, YHWH JAH, people, the haves and have nots, the  poor and needy, 

The fact that YHWH has allowed INI, we, YHWH’S people another day to rise up, with breath, consciousness of The Almighty Source, YHWH, Igiziabher, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Ruach Kadesh, JAH RASTAFARI speaks to, of, with, for THE LIFE GIVER.

YHWH IS THE PRESERVER of INI, we, YHWH’S people’s soul.

My, INI, we YHWH’S people’s Power save INI and we who trust in Thee.

There are times when matters of life cause INI, we, YHWH’S people to cry out to YHWH.

May the I find comfort, salvation, life, love, loyalty, and redemption in crying to and being protected by YHWH.

Warriors and lovers say, “Hear my, INI, we YHWH’S people prayer and attend to the voice of INI, we, supplications”.

In silence, meditation and prayer for YHWH’S divine purpose, plan, intent and will, acceptance of truth and reality, as challenging as truth and reality may sometimes be, acceptance of YHWH’S purpose, plan, intent and will does and will bring forth YHWH’S greatness.

Fret not, in the day of trouble, call upon YHWH. YHWH will answer INI, we, YHWH’S people.

This past summer, what appeared as one way, turned into what appears to be another.

Before Shabbat approached, a sister and I had business to tend to. We asked YHWH’s forgiveness for what we knew was about to be a delay in observing Shabbat.

There were matters I had to handle, that YHWH touched her to step up and give a helping hand.

YHWH sent  help and as we did what was required to handle business, we prepared for Shabbat before the sun had set.

We would not purchase nor do business after sunset. Upon completing the task at hand, we both were thirsty. We stopped at a local grocery store. We had juice but no cup to put the juice in.

I prayed before we walked into the store for YHWH’S grace to provide cups. I would inform the workers in the store that we keep the Shabbat and therefore we could not purchase cups from them.

I went to the counter, expressed that we keep the Shabbat and because the sun was down, we could not purchase cupsfrom them. I asked for cups.

YHWH’S grace was such that worker not only gave cups but also offed to give my sister and I ANYTHING we wanted in the store.

Excuse me while I light my spliff and give thanks and praises.

The worker said, “me and my other workers will pay for whatever you want. We will get it for you.”

My sister and I looked at each other, thanked YHWH, graciously thanked the worker for the offer and declined as we had prepared food for Shabbat.

YHWH provided what we asked for and some…. as Debarim 28:1-14 says, YHWH will give INI vineyards we did not plant.

Amazing Grace!

Among all g d’s, there is none like Thee.

O YHWH neither are there any works like unto to thine .

Shalom Selamta,

Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose