Maskarram 23, Tishre 24, Wednesday, October 3, 2018,

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

Torah Portion V’Zot HaBeeachah officially ends Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret.


Governance of feast and celebration of, in, to and with YHWH, during YHWH’S appointed times are detailed in the readings of this moadim, (appointed time).

Know what we are commanded by YHWH to do that we not go about doing whatever others may and or may not say and or do.


Feast Days and celebrations are feast days and celebrations to YHWH.


We might be amongst the nations and or ones and ones who do and or do not observe YHWH’S moadim, appointed times, and or observe YHWH’S appointed times “their own way” not according to YHWH’S WORD.

YHWH knows who are YHWH’S.

YHWH’S people are known according to who we learn from, what we learn, what we do and achieve.


I have learned, not to force what YHWH has given me on others who reject, are not ready to receive, and or who have not decided to receive who and or what YHWH has given to me to teach, share and give.

Personally and or corporately, INI, we, Beta Israel, who received Yahoshua’s grace, love YHWH with all INI heart, mind and soul, love INI neighbor as INIself. Do good deeds.


Sometimes we face very difficult and challenging people and situations.

It is particularly challenging when ones reject truth and knowledge given by YHWH. If the message and the messenger of Truth are rejected what can the righteous do? If the countfoundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalms 11:3.

Truth crushed to the ground always rises.


Bonding and binding with, to, for, in YHWH, YHWH’S name, includes doing mitzvot.

Doing mitzvot is an ACTION of GOOD DEED.


It is nice to talk about good, and goodness of YHWH.

It is YHWH’S TRUE PRESENCE AND PRESENT when good and goodness in ones action that is documentable, known, and unknown that was, is and or will be known in ruach, truth and reality.



Hasatan shows “acts” of kindness.

Be not deceived of ” acts” that are based in intent of insincerity, contingency only if one follows a known and or unknown, seen and or unseen deception, theft, death, destructive, and or distraction.


Dwelling in a tent, a modern day, SUKKAH, in nature, during Sukkot, where there are trees, grass, etc. away from the “Shi ty city’ is an experience that all20181001_103315_Film1.jpg Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari should experience.

For most MEHIR, dwelling in a “hut” is a way of life.


YHWH’S will, for MEHIR near and far, that ones and ones had, have and will have the experience of nature, natural, tent/SUKKAH, dwelling during Sukkot.

There are four kinds of mitzvah,offerings we are commanded to take during Sukkot.

On Sukkot, the Torah commands INI to take the “Four Kinds”, the etrog(citron), lulav (an unopened frond of a date palm), hadas (myrtle twig) and aravah (willow twig).

Wayikrah/Leviticus 23:40

And you shall take for yourselves . . . the splendid (האתגר/hadar) fruit of a tree, fronds of dates, the branch of the thick-leafed tree and aravot of the rive.

Lemons, limes, etrog are ancient and modern splendid fruit of a tree, hadar, that dwells year round.

Learning and doing life, love, loyalty, Torah, Haftorah, Brit Chadash, mitzvot/good deeds are two basic principles that INI, we, YHWH’S people, near and far are to DO.


In YHWH’S WORD and in life experiences we gain knowledge of YHWH, YHWH’S purpose, plan, intent and will for life, love and loyalty by learning and doing.

YHWH’S purpose, plan, intent and will for the physical to be a place for YHWH to dwell is through learning, doing and achieving YHWH’S purpose, plan, intent and will.


Scholars who may grow in wisdom, but shun action is representative by the Lulav.

One who is consumed with doing good and being active is like the myrtle branch.

One who does not learn nor do is like the willow.

Bound together during Sukkot, the four kinds are a part of YHWH, bound in the bounds of life.


Harmony, learning and accomplishment are three aspects of growth that naturally happen through the most challenging of times.

When conditions are excellent, and when people and places are ready, are the conditions, people, place and opportunities for YHWH’S presence and power to dwell.

Often the best and or better rises out of the most challenging of times, places, circumstances and shituations.

Sometimes the most balanced people, character, and personality are brought together, and or rise by the need to deal with changing and or challenging circumstances and by adapting to or resisting new climates and environments.

Some may live a very tranquil existence and not have the depth of fragrance in their life as ones who may experience very challenging, disenfranchised and difficult circumstances and environments.

It is optimally good if one study Torah, Haftorah, Brit Chadash and do Torah, Haftorah and Brit Chadash under one Shepherd.

This example, of one Shepherd is shown both with Moshe and Yahoshua.

What has been and is the result of divine wisdom funneled through multifarious human reason and reasonments and remain the ONE truth of YHWH ALMIGHTY?

To be in one accord, thought, speech, deeds, are expressed and are expressions in actions that are not divided.

Within sistership, ahkotee form and build unity one with another.

Unity is formed amongst ahks/ brothers.

Males and females bound in marriage.

The ties bond and bind ones and ones in Ruach, Truth and Reality to YHWH and to one another.


Moshe saw the promised land, although he did not enter into the Promised Land. Moshe transitioned into the land of Moab.

Joshua, Son of Nun, was charged with the responsibility to lead YHWH’S people to the Promised Land.

As we prepare to begin reading Bereshit/Genesis again, may YHWH bless MEHIRS near and far, in Ruach, Truth and Reality hearing, learning and doing YHWH’S purpose, plan, intent and will.

Ihit Ahkot,
Mary Rose

Ethiopic 7510, Hebrew 5778, February 12, 2018

I would like to testify, what Jah has done for me!

For almost three years I have been writing and posting on my raisingupthehouseofjudah.wordpress.com. and aghs.wordpress.com websites.

I have made it known how the website and my email account were compromised, confiscated, redirected through modem day technological warfare! Even to this day, battles continue!

Often it would take twice as much time to address sugar honey ice tea that had been done than it took to write an article!

None the less, YHWH’S grace has been Amazing!

In the process of time much was revealed and equally much was concealed.

Beta Israel, we are truly a special people!  In a very harsh and cruel world, YHWH’S Amazing Grace leads, guides, comforts and sustains!

Effective today, February 12, 2018 this website name has been changed from:




Hallelujah! Halleluyah!

Beta Israel near and far we have endured and will endure and prevail  because of YHWH’S Amazing Grace!

YHWH’S will, 2018 will be a great and good year! Be ready to serve YHWH in better and greater ways!

Your circumstance does not define who you are nor whose you are. Seek YHWH’s Kingdom and YHWH’S righteousness and “all these things” shall be added-Wisdom, Righteousness, TRuth, Understanding, Kindness, Shalom, Grace, Loyalty, Humility- Anavah, Knowledge, Beauty, Marriage, Children, Family, Jerusalem, Zion and Power!

YHWH’S Grace and Shalom!

Ihit Ahkotee, Mary Rose

UPDATE 2-12-2018

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