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Shabbat Shalom, Senbet Selam,  Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family, INI, we, YHWH’S family, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on eight days from today, in less than two shabuas, we observe

  • Chanukah!!

    From eve of Hadar 23, Kislev 24, December 2 until December 10, 2018 we greet ones and ones, “Chag Urim

Aprocrypha secret mystery, non canon, obscure, hidden away, revelation shines light.

From Torah Portion Bereshit/Genesis to Torah Portion Wayyishlach, The Apocrypha, specifically the Book of Maccabees and Baruch shine light on errors.

Baruk 3: 12-13 declares there are consequences for intentional and or non intentional errors of forsaking, abandoning, leaving, disowning, renouncing, giving up, turning ones back on the fountain of wisdom, not walking in the way of Yahoshua.

A few of the consequences listed are of destruction, martyrdom, suffering, and sacrifice.

In Light there is acceptance, devotion, intent, kindness, teaching, writing and organizing.

There is much that is profitable for, in, with and to YHWH ELYON, YHWH ALMIGHTY, YAHOSHUA, RUACH KADESH, marriage, children, family, tribe, nation in the end and in the beginning.




YHWH’s Ruach moved upon the face of the waters, that YHWH made.

YHWH commanded that there be light: and there was light. YHWH divided the light from darkness

YHWH created male and female in YHWH’S image

YHWH made a covenant agreement with the male and female that was a condition of life of man who had not fallen away from YHWH into sin.

IN YHWH’S continued creative acts and YHWH’S continued covenants, the first Word YHWH spoke was a covenant

Sin was and is the act and or condition that separates man from YHWH

YHWH does not accept nor allow ones who are not called, chosen nor accepted to be included in YHWH’S covenant.

The eight COVENANTS are :








and New Covenants

True comprehension of the covenants begins with relationship with The Creator of Heaven and Earth, in relationship with His Son whom he sent to save and or redeem his people, in Ruach Kadesh.

Yahoshua Ben YHWH had, has and will have relationship with , YHWH, His Father, Abba Father, Yahoshua’s family, YHWH’S people.

Ones who are called chosen and accepted share a relationship with Yahoshua

All others have an existence for a period of time

to be and do what ones will be and do

until YHWH says goodbye.

When and if Yahoshua says goodbye

Ones life is literally over.

What is available

Is Yahoshua’s GRACE

In Yahoshua’s grace, live, love and be loyal.

“Dezarie Fya Full Album”
When the time drew near for Mattahias,  he said to his sons, to have pride and rebuke gotten strength, time of destruction, and wrath of indignation.
He charged his sons to be zealous for the law, give their lives for the covenant of the fathers.
Call to remembrance what acts our fathers did in their time, so shall ones and ones receive great honor, and an everlasting name.
These are ten names on the list of men, fathers, in their humanity and divinity who did, do and will do vailiantly:
1. Abraham was found faithful
2. Yosef in time of his distress kept the commandment
3. Phinees being zealous and feverent, obtained the covenant of an everlasting priesthood
4. Yahoshua fulfilling the word, was made a judge in Israel
5. Caleb for bearing witness before the congregation received the heritage of the land
6. David for being merciful possessed the throne of an everlasting kingdom
7. Elias for being zealous and feverent for the law was taken into heaven
8. Ananias, Azarias, and Misael by believing were saved from the flame
9. Daniel for his innocence was delivered from the mouth of the lions
10. Ones throughout all ages that put trust in HIM shall overcome
Fear not the words nor deeds of sinful men.
Take all those that observe the law and avenge the wrong of INI people.


Ihit Ahkot

Mary Rose