Ethiopic Hamle 24, Ab 19, Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

YHWH hear INI, we, YHWH’S people’s supplications, receive INI, we, YHWH’S people’s prayer.

Let all INI, we, YHWH’S people’s enemies be ashamed and sore vexed. Let them return and be ashamed suddenly.

During this time of Tish B’Ab, the called, chosen and accepted are covered under YHWH’S protection.

YHWH’S enemies are ashamed and sore vexed.

During the time of crisis, YHWH reveals, covers and protects YHWH’S people.

In the face of adversarial adversaries who deceive, steal, kill, destroy and distract YHWH does not let INI enemies prevail over INI. Hallelujah! Halleluyah!

Recently my brother and I reserved a rental car thru Enterprise car rental.

Enterprise car rental representatives Joseph Pepenella, Tevyn Monismith and another representative who provided no business card, knowingly wrote false car rental agreements.

This post is intended to give YHWH glory, honor, and praise by exposure of Enterprise’s corruption, lack of integrity and Enterprise representatives intentional dishonesty.

Enterprise charged my Visa card $176 for a 6 day car rental.

Enterprise representatives wrote on the contract, that they presented for my signature, that they only charged $151.99 for the 6 day car rental.

.Enterprise charged my brother, Jason $257.72 for insurance and a deposit for the same vehicle.

On the rental agreement they wrote in their office, their representative typed on the rental agreement they charged a weekly rate of $151.99 and told me to sign it.

I refused to sign it because in reality they had charged $176. 00 to my card for what they falsely wrote on the rental agreement they were charging $151.99.

We rented the economy car at a daily rate of $29.35. We later learned that the charger in the vehicle did not work.

Because of the many task we were seeking to accomplish, I extended the rental.

After several hours of observing their activity and listening to what they were “babbling”, I asked if they could take a look at the charger.

The charger did not work. For 6 days we had a vehicle that had no charger.

In retrospect, we should not have tolerated renting a car that had no working charger nor kept that particular vehicle. But during the storms of life that rage, YHWH IS INI ANCHOR.

No matter what the world, flesh and devil do to deceive, steal, kill, destroy and or distract INI we, YHWH’S people, YHWH sees, knows and judges all.

Ones may not pay who they owe, but they reap what they sow.

They offered no compensation to Jason and I for a 6 day, daily rate of $29.35 , $176. 00 .weekly rate charged for an economy vehicle that had no working charger.

After allowing Enterprise representatives opportunity to self correct, Jason and I moved forward with the car rental.

Jason had filed the gas tank up. We both had personal business to tend to. I was tending to matters, I had and filled the gas tank with $40 of gas.

According to the contract agreement we were to return the jeep on 1/3 tank of gas.

When I took the car back to them, to modify the rental agreement, they offered no gas credit for 3/4 tank of gas in the tank.

They offered a different vehicle, increased the same contract rental daily rate to $30.40 per day, claimed they did not increase the rate by switching what they said was the rate and amount they charged.

They provided a different vehicle. That vehicle was on empty.

Before they would release the car they switched out for the jeep, the representative wrote Enterprise charged $151.99 for the original rental.

After I listen to their many versions of the lie that told, I pointed out several times that they did not charge $151.99, that they charged $176.00.

They exasperated their deception, and marked thru the $151.99 amount they claimed they charged.

I wrote $176.00, the actual amount they charged.

The attached is a copy of the falsified Enterprise rental agreement.

I argued with them four and a half hours about their practises.

I was in a dire situation, alone in their city, with my possessions, without and with less amounts of money, because of being overcharged and required to pay for products and services.

I prayed to YHWH to give me and Iyason strength to rise above all the sugar honey ice tea that demonic forces seen and unseen, known and unknown had done, were doing and will do.

Greed for money, which is their ” G d” is so great, they will say and do, not say and not do anything to get it.

YHWH Todah Rabbah for revealing and destroying wickedness true actions, nature, policies and promotions of their wicked activity, in Yahoshua’s name. So be it.

YHWH, in Yahoshua’s name, destroy Enterprise and all merchants, colaborers sinful, reprobate, wicked minds, body, soul, activities, policies, actions that are corrupt.

YHWH those who repent, have mercy upon.

Those who do not, speedily exact justice, In Yahoshua’s name, so be it.

NOTE: Enterprise charged my Visa card $176 for the weekly rental rate.

Enterprise charged my brother’s visa $257.72.

Psalms 3

Enterprise claim that after a 5 day rental they give 2 days free.

We were never told that we were given two day free rental at the time of the initial rental.

We rented for 6 days, at a daily rate of $29.35 for an economy car in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

They extended the agreement not at the same rate but at a rate of $30.40 per day. Then they had the nerve to tell me that was the same rate of the original 6 day agreement. Do the math!

If they charged a rental rate  of $ 30.40 the total would have been $182.40.

Psalms 69

NOTE: Enterprise rental fee and daily insurance charges included taxes.

They RE-added additional taxes AFTER the taxed fees and insurance quotes were given.


Rental fee: $176
Daily Insurance: $107.94
Total: $283.94
Doubled taxes added to the already taxed rental fee and insurance: $8.78

There were so many red flags, false and negative words and actions on their part, that I have tried to list as many as I noted and documented.

1. At the initial rental, they never stated to my brother nor I that if we rented a car for 5 days we world receive 2 free days.

We initially paid for 6 days. They did not say at that time that we were given additional days.

They give additional days, to whom, when and how they choose to do so.


2. It was when I went to their office on Monday that their manager trainee announced they give two free days on a 5 day rental. ( Their office was closed on Sunday)

To formerly extend the rental I had called their office and left a message. Their on line modification process did not allow me to modify the agreement on line.

My brother called their corporate office on Sunday, as an additional measure to ensure we would not be falsely accused of keeping and or possession of the vehicle.

What they essentially did, with the rental process was robbery without a gun.

Their robbery was the fact that they were in position of writing the agreement. They grossly abused power and authority YHWH allows the world to have.

YHWH gives all of the nation’s opportunity to repent.

In INI we, if they see YHWH’S light that shines in a world of darkness, YHWH get the glory, honor and praise!

If not, let INI enemies be as Psalms 9 proclaims.

During this and in all times, we look to YHWH for Shalom and comfort to rise above the perfect storm.

LutanFyah-Perfect Storm


Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose