Megabit 17, 2011, Adar 19, 5779, Tuesday March 26, 2019

Shalom Selamta Tenayistaling Family,
Today’s Psalms 130 links with Psalms 120, a Psalm of degrees aka “ascents” to Jerusalem.
In Psalms 120 we see that coals of juniper, deceitful men, tongues and arrows of mighty men, keep their arrows heated.
That man, a deceitful man’s mind has been turned over to a reprobate, mind. That man’s arsenal are heated arrows. Such minds of men, and people are filthy, vile and full off wrath. They are a people whose minds were turned over to war.
In the world today, who is warring against who? Why? People possesed by Satan, Lucifer and demons start and cause wars.
In right judgement, be careful not to misjudge a shituation. If and when ones have to defend YHWH’S WAY, THE TRUTH, LIFE, oneself, ones people, know that defense, by its very nature includes battle.
We battle not against flesh and blood but against principles and principalities of darkness in high places.
Recently, I spoke with someone who eats white granulated sugar. They expressed they do not eat , “a lot” of sugar.
I told them that sugar is like cocaine. Sugar is highly addictive. The ones who make and sell cocaine aka sugar, know that there is no nutritional value in sugar. Yet they profit by its sale and its consumption. Ones who consume sugar, sometimes if told, ignore the warnings. If they knowingly consume granulated white sugar, they are knowingly rebelling against YHWH.
YHWH IS THE GIVER OF LIFE. Satan is the giver of death. YHWH gives gifts of life and love. Satan gives death and hate, often disguised as a”feel good”.
The person started pouring sugar in their drink, while they justified to themselves, that they do not eat much sugar.
I said, regularly eating granulated sugar, is like being caught in bondage of addiction. It is like being a little pregnant.
Media ads, hype and big up Dunkin Doughnuts, and all types of sugar MERCHANTS as “the places to go to get food and drink”. In fact, they are the places that lead to physical, mental, spirtual destruction.
Granulated sugar producers, companies and consumers that use them ARE KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY in collusion with one another. People who knowingly consume sugar, agree to accept the consequences of consumption.
News media of world now reports that they and world leaders face what is called investigations, arguments and debates of “collusion” between the 45th and Russia. The actors, their activity, and what will happen is prophesied in the word.
Psalms 120 identifies Mesech as the place where travels were taken. Ancient Mesech is modern day Russia.
Who went and or goes to Russia? For what purpose? Modern day Russia is one of the sons of Japheth.
Bereshit/Genesis 10:3 Lineage of Noah’s son, Japheth is broken down. Ancient and modern day break down of Noah’s son, Japheth reveal not only who they were, but also who they are today and what they did and do.
They were MERCHANTS who traded products, services and they traded men. Yes, they were and are slave traders. They traded vessels of brass in the market.
1. Gomer-Celtics
2. Magog-Ancient Scythians, Tartars, who are predominately in modern Russia. Ezekiel 38:2, 39:6, Revelations 20:8. Son of man prophesied Prophecy against Gog, the land of Magog.
The number of Gog and Magog gathered together to battle, is as the number of sand in the sea.
3. Madai-Madai, Medes aka modern day media.
4. Javan- Greece and Syrians
5. Tubal-Descended from south of the Black sea aka Tobolsk nation aka Spain
6. Meshech-Connect with Tubal, Magog, and other northern nations. They include Russia. Peter the great and his successors are of the land, Mesech.
7.Tiras-And descendants of Thracians.
The Psalmist cried and cries out in distress and YHWH heard, YHWH hears.
Family, there is nothing wrong with INI having INI own businesses.
Abraham was very rich. He did not sell to the Cannanites. Therefore, he had figured out a way to sell to his own people and or to others who were not Cannanites. Bereshit/Genesis 13:1-2.
Abraham amassed great wealth and gave all that he had to his son Yscok after he sent his concubines away. Bereshit/Genesis 25: 5-6.
“Israelites STOP Selling Everything The Most High Gives You”
1. Ezekiel 27:13 Javon, Tubal and Meshech were MERCHANTS. They traded persons of men aka they were slave traders and vessels of brass in their markets.
2. Crowning city of Tyre, MERCHANTS, princes whose traffickers were known as “honorable” are modern day prince of Arabia. Arabians are behind and in front of the scenes in the media.
YHWH of hosts purposed it, to strain the pride of all glory and to cause contempt of all the honorable of the earth. They set up the “TRUMP TOWERS”. Isaiah 23:8-13.
Know what their end will be? Isaiah 23:14-18.
Know that Arabia are MERCHANTS. They are “medianized”, and presented as honorable of the earth, however, in truth, that is not who they are.
Many reports confirm that Saudia Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman had Jamal Khashoggi murdered. is fulfillment of
Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto leader of the kingdom, has been on a quick rise to power [Cliff Owen/AP]

Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia.

Murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi put spotlight on Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince.

It is reported that he outmanoeuvred his rivals to become Saudi Arabia’s de-facto leader in 2015.

At the age of 33, he has received media coverage in international media. Most reports focuse on his economic and social reforms in Saudi Arabia.

In March, he toured the U. S. publicly, covering Time Magazine. He interviewed with both CBS’ 60 Minutes and Bloomberg.

His visit and media appearances was to build and provide an inheritance for his children who will move to and visit the U.S. and for Trump and his confederates to move to, visit and build in Saudi Arabia.


Family it is of utmost importance that we establish and build INI own businesses and provide an inheritance for INI children.

Many “black folk”, have started businesses. They have sold their businesses to the enemy for their own personal wealth.

They have sold their businesses while members of their own community and nation starve.

The stop selling vid is a message and should be inspiring to ones who have a business that may be struggling and or ones with ideas from YHWH waiting to grow.

Plan and help to bring forth INI own. Sell not INI resources. Keep INI businesses. Establish new business.

Yahoshua told Simon, “Simon, Simon, I have prayed for you. Satan has asked for, desired to have you as wheat. When thy are converted, strengthen thy brother. Luke 22:31-32.

Ezekiel 27:17

Judah and the land of Israel were MERCHANTS, who traded wheat of Minnith. Minnith is known as a place where there was production of wheat. Codex Vaticanus achris Arnon; Codex Alexandrinus eis Semoeith.

Judges 11:33 And he smote them from Aroer, even till thou come to Minnith, even twenty cities, and unto the plain of the vineyards, with a very great slaughter. Thus the children of Ammon were subdued before the children of Israel. — Judges 11:33 KJV

Ezekiel 27: 22
Raamah and Sheba, MERCHANTS, occupied fairs with court of all spices, precious stones and gold.
The Bible records that MERCHANTS multiplied above the stars, “hiss” at Israel. Ezekiel 27:36.
Ezekiel 27:23-24 Detail who the MERCHANTS were/are, that they traded commodity produced by INI people. They profit from blue clothing, broidered work, boundwith chords and made of cedar among the people.
Nahum 3:16 records that the canker worm spoils and flies away.
Soul seek not to dwell for a long time with those who hate shalom. When INI speak, they are for war.
Israel, hope for YHWH. and YHWH’S word. For with YHWH there is mercy and plentious redemption.


YHWH shall redeem Israel from all iniquity of Israel.
Ihit Ahkot Mary Rose

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