Megabit 6, 2011, Adar 8, 5779, Friday March 15, 2019

Modei Ani, Lefaneka, Mekek Chai WahaKayom. Shehekezarta Banishmati, Behamela Rabbah Emonatecha.
מוֹדֶה אֲנִי לְפָנֶיךָ מֶלֶךְ חַי וְקַיָּם, שֶׁהֶחֱזַרְתָּ בִּי נִשְׁמָתִי בְּחֶמְלָה.
\nרַבָּה אֱמוּנָתֶכ

I gratefully thank you living and enduring King, for you have faithfully restored my soul. Great is thy faithfulness.

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

Family, righteous anger is permitted by YHWH. YHWH’S word is to be angry, but sin not.


In the beginning, before Abram’s name was changed, Abram dwelt in the plain of Mamre. Abram had/has a righteous CONFEDERATE. The Amorite, brother of Eshcol and brother of Amer were/are his confederates with Abram. Bereshit/Genesis 14:13.


YHWH Almighty says that evil CONFEDERATES will not stand, neither come to pass. Isaiah 7:7.

There was an evil CONFEDERATE under the reign of Ahaz, Isaiah 7:1-14, 2 Chronicles 28:1-27, and Isaiah 7: 1-9.

The house of David was told that Syrian king Rezin, and Remaliah”s son Pekah, king of Israel went to Jerusalem to war against Jerusalem, and that Syria was a CONFEDERATE with Ephraim.

How are the things of Esau and his CONFEDERACY searched out? How are Esau’s hidden things sought up? YHWH said in that day he would destroy the wise man out of Edom, understanding out of the mount of Esau, and mighty men of Teman shall be dismayed, to the end that EVERY ONE OF THE MOUNT OF ESAU MAY BE CUT OFF BY SLAUGHTER.

All the men of Esau’s CONFEDERACY are deceivers.

YHWH’s word is that for the violence against Yaacob, shame will cover Esau and Esau shall be cut off forever. Obadiah 1-10.


Over the years I have observed a consistent pattern amongst cell phone carrier services. From rackets and marketing campaigns to increase sales of “generational phones” to phone screen applications that “blackout” during the time the phone is used. Behind the scenes actors, actions and acting operate and are as cover screens for behind the screen what is stolen access, data aka mind control.

Each year the hype and marketing for phones and phone services is so intense, ones who are in that rat race, rush to get the “latest” version ( ver sion) of phones (multipurpose, surveillance, capitalism, marketing machines) and phone service carriers ( modern day confederates who concoct and control narratives) and phone applications (mini PILATE forms and formats).


Whatever they do, either overtly and or covertly, is to take control of a narrative they push, cause problems and issues, and then deem themselves as the ones to “correct” the problem. Read the fine print on telephone and service contracts! We must sell YHWH when it comes to everything! All agreements that we make, must always be according to YHWH’S commands and guidance. Corporate and noncorporate confederate phone service provider actions are aka in modern day code a screen to shoot trouble to and thru aka “troubleshoot the phone”.

For YHWH’S called, chosen and accepted people there are and have been secure ways to Five SEES, SEAS, “C’S” This is a link to a previous blog written about the FIVE SEES, SEAS, “C’s”.



The phone companies and their confederates narrative and actions and or inaction is the problem.

They take customers to the border, by “escalating” their narrative when a customer is able to speak clearly matters muddled in their babylonian confusion. Family near and far, come out of Babylon!

YHWH’S light shines on them and the whatness of their activity! They appear as “peaceful social, media transmitter merchants”, who in reality are deceivers.

They prevail against ones who do not know, who are asleep. with eyes wide shut, about who the merchant CONFEDERACY are and how they operate. YHWH says my people perish for lack of knowledge.

Against YHWH’S people, no weapon formed shall prosper, and any tongue that shall rise up in judgement, INI shall refute.

The word says that the weapons will not prosper. The word does not say that the weapons will not form.

Family, spirtual warfare, is war against evil confederates.

There are confederates who will eat INI bread and seek to lay a wound under INI. There is no understanding in them. Obadiah 7 They do not understand YHWH nor YHWH’S commands.


Wednesday, I called my current phone carrier, Cricket, after an automated “update” was sent to my phone, from Cricket.

The update identified Cricket as the sender of the update. The update was not sent via a text message nor an email, the update was sent via what appeared to be a flash message to the phone from Cricket, sent on Wednesday.

My ruach was not led to download the update.

The update automatically updated yesterday, Thursday afternoon.

Within an hour of the update, at least one application on my phone stopped working.

I prayed and ask YHWH to guide and protect me. The call to YHWH FIRST, was because I was prepared by YHWH for such a time as this.

I then called Cricket. The narrative that three different Cricket representatives and a Cricket supervisor stated was that Cricket was not responsible for issues with “my phone”.

Hold up, swole up! Cricket, apparently sent an update that had some type of algorithm that automatically “updated” my phone. Within an hour of the update at least one application on my phone stopped working. And thou hold yourselves not responsible?


They (could have been Cricket and or any within their confederacy) switched the narrative from what they did to a rabbit hole narrative in which they claimed no responsibility for what happened to my phone.

Cricket is a merchant that acts as a surveillance marketing merchant phone company. They are included in the CONFEDERACY that YHWH’S word says, would form against YHWH’S people.

They (ANY AND ALL WHO ARE IN CO HOOTS WITH THEM) offered to ” troubleshoot the phone” not to address the real issue that caused the problem. They sent an update that changed phone service, and by extension application functionality.

After saying how they would “correct” the problem, I told them the phone call was recorded.

They change the narrative when their activity is recorded. Be not deceived by Satan’s outward appearance.theappearance. They are wolves in sheep clothing. By exposing the means that they use ( merchant marketing surveillance), that YHWH THRU THE. KADESH REVEALS. They can not stand. Ever heard and or experienced that narrative?

The truth of the matter is that Cricket and their CONFEDERATES sent an attack (in the spirit realm that manifest in the physical realm). In the spirit realm YHWH gives instruction to INI to ask YHWH to protect INI and to fight and defeat INI enemies in ruach and reality, BEFORE THE WAR AND BATTLE!

The intent and response behind that attack of INI enemies against INI is no different than the response of oppressors to civil rights movements.


The ones who cause the issue, deem themselves the ones to diagnose and tell people how to correct the issue. Think they are telling the truth?

They claimed the issue was with the phone. They have a department that they will transfer calls to, “to trouble shoot the phone.”

During the civil rights marches of the 1960’s “black folk sought to integrate” with their oppressors. They wanted to go to school with them, work for them, eat at their lunch counters and sing, ” We shall overcome someday”, while their oppressors beat the 4377 out of them.

Ruach Kadesh gave me the wisdom to firmly and calmly speak to the Çricket representatives, IN RIGHTEOUS ANGER, after they repeatedly repeated their standard operating procedure of denial of any wrong doing.

Prepared and angered by the unmitigated gall they had not to self correct, after I had given three opportunities for them to self correct, I expressed and explained to them that they sent an update to my phone. The culprits call on “private” untaced phony or “authorized altar lies” phone lines. The reps, “flipped the script by saying, “well you downloaded the update to your phone so we will troubleshoot your phone”.

Babylonian double talk is a red herring, golden calf altar, full of sugar honey ice tea! THEY sent the update which automatically downloaded to my phone without my active involvement.

The update they sent, automatically downloaded on my phone.

Within an hour of their algorithmic update, at least one app on my phone was not working.

Cricket and their CONFEDERATES caused the service interruption. They then deemed themselves as the ones to diagnois what they did. Cricket did it, you know!

Family, do not play with them, allow this message to be helpful to INI in how to spiritually fight pricipals and principalities of darkness in high places.

Before the battle, put on the whole armor of YHWH. Read, study and apply YHWH’S word. Do not be a stranger to spiritual warfare. Debarim/Deuteronomy 6: 4-9.

When David went out to fight the Philistine, he could not use the armor that was given him. David took the rock, the firm foundation of his faith, activated by prayer, that YHWH put power behind and knocked the Philistine giant between his eyes!

The modern day Philistine giant said, they were not responsible for providing any compensation for the inconvenience of stopping at least one application, nor the subtle antagonistic verbal gymnastics in which they tried to get me to engage them to troubleshoot the phone.

Before I called Cricket, I had called YHWH! I gave Cricket opportunity to self correct. When they refused, YHWH’S power is activated!

Family , What did the oppressors who black folk wanted to march and join hands together with in the 60’s, really think about, and do to black folk then? Today? Any change?

In opposition to YHWH’S word to be separate from the world, black folk was singing, “We shall overcome”, holding hands and begging the oppressors to eat at their restaurants, go to their schools for their teachers to mis treat and misdiagnois, enact pipeline to prison agenda, go to their courts to handle disputes, and be treated by their doctors. Reread Debarim/Deuteronomy 6:4-9!

Civil rights marching, singing and holding hands was not YHWH”s way. What promise land was Martin L.King leading black people to?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where in scripture does YHWH say, to have lunch counter sit ins, and passively allow police and citizens of the US and or the world to beat the 4377 out of them, spray hoses, and sick dogs on them?

Where did YHWH say to pray for those of the world. Heathens are heathens and other nations, who deceitfully and dispitefully misuse and abuse YHWH’S people.

The scripture to turn the other cheek and to pray for those who dispitefully misuse YHWH’S people, was and is often taken out of context, by satanist, luciferians and demons.

THAT scripture speaks to INI WITHIN INI nation who have differences one with another. All gathering WITHIN INI nation, gather from different places, from which YHWH scattered INI. INI common unity is WITHIN.

Heathens of the world reject YHWH’S commandments. Mark 7:9. They do not keep YHWH’S commands to be upright and good. Heathens will not accept and obey YHWH. We must be and do separate from heathens.


We, INI YHWH’S people, must and have to learn to forgive one another. INI, we must work together to solve INI problems and concerns. Collaboratively, cooperatively, in coordination, when INI communicate then INI are able to colabor in shalom WITHIN INI congregation, within INI nation.


When a person from any of the nations OF THE WORLD, does some violation against INI , their people, their nation will back them up.

Black and white goyins, gentiles Ashkenazi, Satanist, luciferian, demons and heathens have been shooting and killing black folk for years. From Hitittes who shut up water sources against Abraham to police murders against lost Israel driving while black, selling cigarettes on the corner, and running in their grandma’s back yard.

The nations and their people rally around them and support culprits within their nation.

Family, in black and brown community there is a code of silence, and inactivity to protect, that allows any nation in the world to attack “black men, women, and children” with out the culprit being held accountable.


RIGHTEOUS CONFEDERATES, TRUST YHWH. DO NOT TRUST MAN. Be angry, but sin not. Communicate with and forgive one another, as YHWH forgives INI trespasses. When INI communicate with one voice, in one accord, to the world INI raise up, rise up, shine, and give YHWH the glory, honor and praise!


Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose

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