YeKatit 18, 2011, 20th of Adar I, 5779, Monday, February 25, 2019

Torah Portion Parashat Wayakhel. ןיכהל, in Diaspora)

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

Modei Ani, Lefaneka, Mekek Chai WahaKayom. Shehekezarta Banishmati, Behamela Rabbah Emonatecha.
מוֹדֶה אֲנִי לְפָנֶיךָ מֶלֶךְ חַי וְקַיָּם, שֶׁהֶחֱזַרְתָּ בִּי נִשְׁמָתִי בְּחֶמְלָה.
רַבָּה אֱמוּנָתֶכ

I gratefully thank you living and enduring King, for you have faithfully restored my soul. Great is thy faithfulness.

This is a two part blog. The first part of the article is in reference to The United States, her Congress and confederates:

This article is the second part linked to the first in that the first provided a look at the world in general and specifically the United Snakes.

YHWH’S kingdom in one accord, collectively accepts, collaborates, coordinates and communicates. This article examines what YHWH’s word says about a kingdom divided. Specifically the Kingdom of Judah and Israel’s prophecy, is examined.

While carefully viewing, researching and reporting what happens in the world, it is equally important to study, know, accept and when necessary change INI Biblical history, narrative, livity and future.

In the New Testament Israel, The House of Israel, is called Ephraim, Children of Israel, The House of Israel, gentiles and Samaria.

It appears that at the time of division, Samaria and gentile invasion and or presence increased and true national identity was stolen, flipped and or corrupted.


Jeroboam, Asa, Omri and his son Ahab worked evil in the eyes of YHWH. Omri did worse than all that were before him. His son, Ahab was worse than his father. Micah 6:16, 1 Kings 16:16-30.

The Tribe of Judah is the only tribe that followed and follows David.

The rest fall into corrupt wickedness and evil.

Family, do not allow any unclean ruach to influence INI to go against YHWH. To do so will lead to idol worship.


Jeroboam was so wicked, he had two golden calfs; one in Bethel and one in Dan. 1 Kings 12: 28-30.

Family do not follow people because they are enormously popular or have a large following.

Social media has transformed conscious activity such that at the touch of a screen, one can follow famous and popular people.

Many people are so locked, captivated by and in social media, that when the cell phone is revealed as one of the mark of the beast, people would rather hold on to the cell phone, than to YHWH.

Popularity amongst man does not equate to favor with YHWH.

World and religious leaders are corrupt.

When and if INI forget what YHWH has done for INI, it will cause INI to stumble. If, INI do not repent, Satan, evildoers, persecutors and demons are waiting:

Away from YHWH’S guidance ones are led away to the Kingdom of darkness of lust of the flesh, fear, idol worship, bowing to Satan, sacrificing to Satan and fear of Satan.


1 Kings 12:22-24

There was a split between Judah and Israel. It was YHWH who said to Judah, not to fight Israel. The split was from YHWH, The Most High.

Saul whose name was changed to Paul was a Benjamite.1Samuel 9:21, 1 King 11:36.

David and Jonathan made a covenant. Jonathan made David swear to showkindness to his house forever. 1Samuel 20:14-17.

Saulconstantly disobeyed YHWH. Subsequently, YHWH took the Kingdom from Saul and have it to Judah. David is from the tribe of Judah.

Yaacob prophesied that it is Judah that his brothers shall praise. Jonathan and David’s covenant ties together Judah and Benjamin.

2 Kings 17:19 Judah Sinned.

2 Kings 21:4-5 In Jerusalem YHWH did and will put his name.

Jeremiah 32:34-35 Abominations and Baal worship by causing children to pass thru Molec’s fire to cause Judah to sin.

Family, I beseech, INI spiritual family not to put INI children thru molecs fire. What is the Solution? Homeschool and or private school. YHWH did allow Judah to go into captivity for that sin/transgression. YHWH will remove Judah as YHWH removed Israel. Jeremiah 32:36.

1 Kings 11:33, 2 Kings 23:27

Nebuchadnezzar led Judah, the southern kingdom into captivity. Later, Judah was scattered by the trans Ethiopic Slave Trade.

YHWH promised to return the years the stripping locust stole from INI. WE WILL BE ONE NATION RULING WITH YAHOSHUA. Jeremiah 33:7-8. Halleluyah!


Ihit Ahkot Mary Rose

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