Watch “Zeritu, an Ethiopia” Exercise Wisdom 

Shabbat Shalom Tenayistaling Family,

Chag Urim Sameach family Near and Far. 

Notice how, whatever good we have had,  developed, produced, and or provided, a goyin,  gentile, Ashkenazi, both black and white, had and does seek to “tag along, act like they support, suppress,  and or eventually take over.

There could be no you without me, no ya’ll without we. 

YHWH’S placement and levels in the universe includes ciphering ability. 

To tell the difference between one and another, one thing and another is a primary function of the brain. 

If you steal, and I do not, you have a different moral compass than I.

If you deceive, and I do not, you operate on a different plane than do I.

The interesting thing about YHWH, Yaacob, Yahoshua, is that in the twinkling of an eye all reality can be changed.

What you thought was real, unveiled could be opposite of held thoughts and perception.

Yosef, imprisoned probably never thought that Potiphar’s daughter would tell the truth about Potiphar’s wife’s uncontrolled, unchecked harlotry and adulterous ways.

Potiphar’s wife hid behind the shield of “us and them” , when she prepared her lie against Yosef. She told servants of her house, “that Hebrew, that my husband brought into the house” did such and such.”

To stir up controversy, she refered to Yosef as a “Hebrew slave”; She showed  ( her real sentiments towards him, although she constantly sought to have sex with him). 

Always be aware that there are those in the world with ulterior motives, sentiments and disregard against YHWH against YHWH’S people.

Potiphar’s wife’s actions were like pointing a gun at Yosef, while saying “Have sex with me”.

Wendims, akhs if a gun is pointed at you and you are demanded to have sex, what would happen?

Yosef flew like a bat out of sheol.

Freeing oneself from deception, theft , death, destruction, and distraction may be a very isolated alienated place. Who is for one, is with one, in ruach, truth and reality.

It is better to wait on Good than to submit to evil.

Zeritu, is speaking in an interview with a woman, Joss Stone, who appears to have the same spirit as Blavansky, who interviewed HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie.

Notice, how after the interview Joss Stone sings with Zeritu. Zeritu’s music is beautiful. Observe Zeritu’s unspoken bodily language. What is ones able to cipher? What is the lesson? 

Awo, kayn, yes we are to be wise as serpents, humble as doves.

Never forget lessons learned. Enjoy!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ihit Ahkot Mary Rose

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