Bereshit/Genesis 30:21; 34: 46:15

There is a link between the narratives of Dinah and Yosef.

Image of Yosef with Asenath, his goyin wife.


Yaacob had purchased the land where he had pitched his tent. Dinah’s people made camp where Yaacob had pitched his tent.

What was and or was not happening in the camp, such to cause Dinah to go out amongst the daughters of Heth?


Dinah’s mother was not loved by Yaacob. Yaacob loved Rachel, Leah’s sister. 

Internal matters of the heart, mind, body soul, and the בות, bet, the house affect,  impact, and have an effect.

There is an effect on circumstance, shituations and matters in, of, around and about the heart, mind, body, soul and house.

When YHWH judges a matter does YHWH  judge a matter, based on what caused the matter? Does YHWH judge a matter based on the impact, results and or effect of a matter?

On all levels of matters that result in hurt, harm, danger, affliction, and or sin, is caused as a result of rebellion about and or against a matter towards YHWH.

YHWH’S divine, humanity, and intelligence governs, regulates and guides humanity and divinity.

Within Yaacob’s bet, בות, house, was a division of life and love. Leah, Dinah’s mother was unloved. Rachel, Leah’s sister was loved. 

Within the institution of marriage, children, family whenever and wherever there is a division, that house can not stand.

Two sisters married to Yaacob, became almost like enemies towards one another. On one ocassion, Leah’s son went out to get mandrakes for his mom. Rachel inquired for mandrakes from her sister.

The exchange between the sisters was ladden with a, “hold up swole up” type response from Leah.

Imagined Modern Day Venacular Response: “Hold up  swole up, it ain’t enough that you got my man, but now you want what I got to enhance what little he gives to me!” He loves you. He sleeps with me!”

Reason if matters of the heart and home of Yaacob could have been, and or were probably like so. Reason what is the solution.

Could and or would in the eyes of Yaacob’s daughter, Dinah, such matters have CAUSED her to go out amongst the daughters of Heth. 

How did Dinah perceive and or process what appeared as her unloved mother’s life journey within.


Sasha, Gabriel and Whitney appeared and appear to have it all! 

Dinah’s cross over from her house, going out amongst the daughters of Heth proved to be tragic.

Dinah left her home and went out amongst the daughters of Heth.

While out amongst the daughters of Heth, Dinah was abducted and raped in Shechem by Shechem.

Shechem is son of Hamor, a Hivite prince. Hivites are Canaanites.

Unconcentual sex, is a sin, a violation against YHWH’S order, family, people. A crime against humanity.

Dinah, Yosef and Leah’s daughter, was, is and will be avenged, judged, and vindicated. 

Yosef, cirumstance and shituations was such that Yosef, who was hated and sold by his brothers, was in an isolated, alienated state for so long.  

Asenath, a goyin who showed herself to be upright and did prove herself to be good to and for Yosef.  Yosef married her.

Dinah and Yosef, two people from the same family whose life journey proved to be very challenging, and blessed.

In both cases are lessons about rebellion, lack of love, and hate and what effects and impact they have on family.

Judge, therefore, in wisdom,  matters not based on the results, but on the cause.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose

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