Good Over Evil

Shalom Selamta Tenayistaling Family and others,

First, I give thanks and praises to YHWH, YAHOSHUA BEN YHWH, THE KADOSH TRINITY.

After months of research and investigation, I was able to identify who was behind the scenes of confiscation of my administration of this website.

I shake my head, because of asked, i would share.

For months, all leads investigated and revealed truths that were and are what they were and are, disheartening on the one hand, because of who was behind the scenes doing what they did.

On the other hand, comfort in knowing the truth, brings Shalom.

At the beginning of November, my internet data service was turned off.

Although i had paid Tmobile for service, they had turned my data service off.

That i had no access to data service prevented me from publishing for almost the entire month of November.


Before I began investigating the matter, a sister and i prayed , John 14: 13-15.

My prayer for YHWH’S RUACH, truth and reality in matters to be revealed uncovered not only who, but also whatness. Selah.

I liken the discoveries and truth of matters to Yosef’s story.

Watch this video:

During an age and time when Hebrews are sent to prison for exceptionally long prison sentences, for cannabis possession, distribution and possession, Pharaoh, the media and sometimes brothers and sisters, would paint Hebrews as hard core criminals.

The fact of the matter is that cannabis is not evil and most Hebrews arrested, charged, sentenced and imprisoned on cannabis charges are not criminals.

If ones committed crimes when they were young, and or in addition to possesion, distribution and or sale of cannabis that is a different matter.  Judgment and justice is exacte; they repent and do not repeat earlier crimes, there is the potential for redemption.

If ones repeatedly concoct schemes, ploys and plots and hide behind shields of religion, politrics, and social agendas whose they are and who they are will be revealed.

Pharaoh, pharaohs army and the media, portray cannabis and Hebrews as wicked and evil; for which they incarcerate Hebrews at disproportionately higher rates than all other races combined.

When it comes to Hebrews, truth oppression, suppression, and depression is an art form, pharaoh, pharaohs army, media goyin, gentiles and Ashkenazi have mastered. Colonialism and neocolonialism are tools that were and are used.

Be clear, colonialism and neocolonialism are tools used by Hebrews, goyins, gentiles and Ashkenazi.

The Torah, The Bible records ancient events that have been revealed and repeated. There is nothing new under the sun.

As it was in ancient times, deception, theft, death, destruction and distraction from truth caused and causes suffering, loss and pain.

YHWH’S wisdom, righteousness, truth, justice, judgment, kindness, shalom, grace, presence and power, is real and restores.

Hosea and Ezekiel are two Books that provide insight in to YHWH’S purpose, plan, intent and will for humanity and divinity.

Cannabis is an herb that grows on earth. It is good.

Classification by wicked ones given about cannabis does not change YHWH’S intent, purpose, planand will about cannabis.

Because wicked men classify as dangerous and categorize cannabis, an herb YHWH created as a sacrament and for healing, is simply a “double” sided coin.

Cannabis is the very substance and market that the world, carnal and wicked pharaohs, federal, state, local, private and public markets make great profit from, while they oppress and prevent good YHWH FEARING ones the accord to do so.

YHWH ALMIGHTY has Malakim who are Heaven’s Father, Brother and I agents who act on behalf of YHWH ALMIGHTY. Heavenly good and righteous hosts, who judge righteously and whose judgment is righteous justice.

World, carnal, wicked Pharaohs Undercover FBI Agents and media portray a Hebrew NFL Superstar as a wicked sinister double minded person.

In actuality what ones who have eyes to see are able to see of the NFL’s players life, actions and deeds is that had he rendered to Cesar, “a cut”, in the cannabis sale, distribution, manufacturing and possession, Cesar would have keep “secret” what Pharaoh and media themselves use and showcase as wicked.

They flip the coin as a profit maker for industry, entrepreneurship and control, if they are the entrepreneurs and in control.

Interesting that the very showcase of wickedness portrayed by Pharaoh and media against Hebrews as evil, Pharaoh and media proudly have and are making massive amounts of money in stores, markets, etc. as “good” for them.

So when it comes to the question of a “Secret Double Life”, who and how it is done, is for a season and a reason.

The question is who really is good Ann’s who really is evil?

In all thy being, getting and doing, be upright, get wisdom, do good.


Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose

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