Hidar 20, 2011, Kislev 21, Thursday, November 29, 2018   

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

INI, we, YHWH’S family, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on three days from today, we observe Chanukah! 


Give credit where credit is due. 

Ancient history, dates, facts, characters, letters, number have been changed and translated by various people. 

John 1:1 is a proclamation to hold on to that which we received in the beginning.


Modern society, humanity and “religious” ones read a Latin and or English version of an Afro Shemitic ancient language and come with some stuff!

Give thanks to a correct pointing by Wendim Yadon of YHWH’S name. 

I encourage ones to watch this video. 

Know YAHWEH is JAH Name NOT YAHUAH, Why Ah?! https://youtu.be/fZ-9Cqg4mCA

It is of utmost importance to the rise of YHWH’S people to look to address “verticle” issues, arguments, problems and solutions.

The concept of verticle issues is discussed in this video:


To rise as a people on earth as in heaven, look to engage in communion, conversations, coordination and collaboration of the nine ares of life.

I have written about the nine areas of life in previous blogs. Unfortunately, those blogs appear to have disappeared. YHWH’S will, I will re-write the articles and or try to locate them from another source.  

Family, give attention to efforts that YHWH commands, in ruach, truth, reality and respect.



Hidar 17, 2011, Kislev 18, Monday, November 26, 2018   

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family, INI, we, YHWH’S family, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on six days from today, in less than one shabua, we observe Chanukah!

  • From eve of Hadar 23, Kislev 24, December 2 until December 10, 2018 we greet ones and ones, “Chag Urim Sameach!

  • If a breach in friendship of a family member, is detected, beware how one defames a family friend’s name. Custom has much to do with friendship.

  • YHWH’S Command of love as a part of mankind in general and individually both as a benefactor of ones nation/country and of oneself is clear. Read Malachi 1:1-5, The Book of Job.

  • My investigation uncovered that Automatic Service is listed. Someone and or some thing called, “Knock Knock- Who is not there, LLC. is listed as the owner of my website. However there is an interesting addition to my website, that i was recently made aware of. raisingupthehouseofjudah.com @private who is, 9450 SW Gemini Dr. # 63259, Beaverton, OR 97008-7105, 415-869-8627, 877-273-8550. 

  • The added address is linked to a mostly male goyin/ gentile run company by the name of “Khronos Group”. There is a phone number 707-202-0030 also linked to the company. Khronos supposedly provides  hosting to Khronos Group by Digital Ocean. 

  • Ones can research Khronos Website Security and cross platform technology they advertise that they provide to desk top, AND embedded and “safety critical devices”. 

  • Khronos and their working groups include universities, companies and government.

  • Digital Ocean is a security cloud firewall company that, “secures infrastructure and defines what services are “visible” on all “droplets”. They enable private networking, communication between droplets and data centers.

  • With what has happened to my website several times, I looked to see if others have experienced the same and or similar experiences. Others have.

  • I asked a family member in a different state to go to my webpage and was informed that an article that i wrote several days ago is the article posted on the opening page of my website as my most recent article published. Since the article,  “Modern Day Visitation of YHWH”   , was posted, i have written, posted and in my mind had published several other articles.

  • Behind the scenes, i now know those v articles have not been published. On the WordPress app on my device it appears as though the articles have been posted, and published; as a way to try to make me believe that the articles are in fact posted and published.

  • In today’s world, who would want to suppress communications? Why?

  • Several Youtubers ( some family near and far) are reporting that their channels have been shut down and or received strikes by Youtube. 

  • Modern day oppression, slavery, and or control through the use of technology is no less oppression,  slavery or control. The Book of Amos is an excellent read of Intent to silence, control, subordinate and or suppress truth and righteousness. 

  • No mastery how many afflictions YHWH’S people experience, we rise!

  • https://youtu.be/y6OummuSaIk
  • In pursuit of life, love, and loyalty, education, learning, research, and knowledge at the highest levels of excellence gives YHWH ALMIGHTY, ABBA FATHER, YAHOSHUA BEN YHWH, RUACH KADESH, YHWH’S PEOPLE VICTORY!


Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose


Hidar 11, 2011, Kislev 12, 5779, Tuesday, November 20, 2018,


Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,  INI, we, YHWH’S family, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on twelve days from today, in two shabuas, observe Chanukah.

From eve of Hadar 23, Kislev 24, December 2 until December 10, 2018 we greet ones and ones, “Chag Urim Sameach!”

The Day of YHWH was and is a vision that Obadiah had/has concerning Edom. Ones who have eyes to see, see YHWH’S hand and fulfillment of Obadiah’s vision.

There was/is a rumor, and there was/is an ambassador sent among heathen. 

YHWH made the ambassador small and greatly despised among the heathen. 

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Prideful, wicked, evil ones have a pride of heart that is arrogant, pompous, and egotistical. They do all manner of evil and wickedness and think that which they do is not seen, known, exposed, has been, is and will be judged and justice exacted.

Bayer, the German owned pharmaceutical company, bought Monsanto, an American owned pesticide company.

Both companies engaged and engage in immoral, unethical practices. 

Bayer now faces great financial loss linked to legal claims being brought against Monsanto, the company they recently acquired. Specifically, there are claims for damages against Monsanto for knowingly using glyphosate in its Roundup products, while suppressing and ignoring their own and international scientific documentation that glyphosate causes cancer.

According to YHWH’S word, Monsanto’s greed, wrecklessness and violence covers them, and they shall be cut off.

Monsanto knowingly used the tobacco industry’s playbook to develop, market and distribute Roundup herbicide.

American owned Monsanto sold Monsanto to German owned Bayer. Monsanto was sold to Bayer, two months before Monsanto was acquired by Bayer.  Sounds like modern day Esau selling to Esau, crabs in a barrel and or, Esau doing what Esau does to climb the ladder of success.

Monsanto knowingly, willfully, maliciously and negligently failed to inform and or warn Bayer of legal and financial damages Monsanto was soon to face. 

What Monsanto did is like a person who has a jaguar. The outside body of the jaguar looks nice. They sell that car to a buyer without informing the buyer that all the mechanical parts inside of the car are used and that the engine was rebuilt and installed after the second crash the car was in. On the outside, the car looks one way, but on the inside, that was a different matter.

What Bayer did is like the buyer who bought the jaguar, sight unseen, because it looked nice in a Craigslist ad.

Monsanto’s actions towards Bayer parallel Monsanto’s actions towards Dewayne Lee Johnson.

Dewayne Lee Johnson was awarded $289 million dollars against the pesticide giant.

Mr. Johnson developed and suffers from late stage non Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a direct result of glyphosate he was exposed to as a school grounds keeper.

Johnson called Monsanto and inquired about the ingredients in Roundup.

Not only did Monsanto not respond to Mr. Johnson’s inquiry. Monsanto ignored Mr. Johnson’s calls.

At what cost will people, companies, institutions and organizations go to fill their own pockets at the expense of others?

What moral compass does Esau live and love by, is loyal to and use? What moral compass does Yaacob liveand love by, is loyal to and use?

Monsanto/Bayer vs Mr. Johnson and all future plaintiffs in this matter parallel and represent modern day Edomites versus Yaacob. Obadiah 1:10-14.

The 289 million dollar judgment and justice parallels and represents modern day visitation of YHWH to the wicked.

The job of YHWH’S people is to trust and love YHWH with all heart, soul,  and might and to love our neighbor as I self.

When people tell and show you who they are, believe them.

Shall I not in that day, saith YHWH, the Adonai, even destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau? – Obadiah 1:8 

For those who do not accept and or believe YHWH, nor accept and or believe in YHWH’S modern day visitation, keep on.


Ihit Ahkot Mary Rose


Hidar 10, 2011, Kislev 11, 5779, Monday, November 19, 2018,
Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,
INI, we, YHWH’S people, Falasha, Beta Israel MEHIRS, near and far, on thirteen days from today, in two shabuas, observe Chanukah.

From the eve of Hadar 23, Kislev 24, December 2-December 10, 2018 we greet ones and ones, “Chag Urim Sameach!”

This is the time when I seek YHWH to uncover and repair my soul to The Kadosh Trinity.

I encourage all Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Beta Israelite Rastafari, near and far, to do the same.

Torah portion, Wayyishlach, Haftorah and Brit Chadash readings highlight YHWH’S proclamations and response against and for YHWH’S people.

YHWH’S word declares:

1. Yaacob’s wrestled with the malakim and refuse to let go. The malakim, at day break, changed Yaacob’s name to Israel and blessed him. Bereshit/Genesis 32:24-31

2. YHWH’S unfailing love. Hosea 14:4-5

3. Sarah’s Faith to receive and conceive seed when she was past age.

4. Strangers and pilgrims on earth’s declaration of seeking a country.

5. If mindful of that country from whence strangers and pilgrims came, and or were sent, strangers and pilgrims might have had opportunity to return.

During this time, hold on and do not let go of YHWH. May YHWH uncover and repair the souls of all of YHWH’S Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Beta Israelite Rastafari, near and far.


Ihit Ahkot,

Mary Rose