Maskarram 30,Cheshvan 1 Wednesday, October 10, 2018,

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

Several shabua’s ago, Sisterlove Ruhamah and I began what we called “Rastafari Yoga”.

After observing so called “Yoga instructors”, who have superimposed their false teachings as they provide instruction, I encourage INI who do “yoga” to be rooted and grounded in Truth in YHWH in Ruach, Truth, Reality practice and application.

Discipline required to do yoga aka the yoke of Yahoshua, Yoga in truth, is not rooted in false g d’s, and false teachings. Yahoshua taught, I. Matthew 11:29 to take his “yoke” aka “yoga” upon INI and learn from him.

If ones look on the internet, go to mystics, and or search for Yoga instruction, one would be hard pressed to find the TRUE root and TRUTH of Yoga taught.

Matthew 11:29, Yahoshua said, “Take my yoke ( G 3450) upon you and learn from me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest in your souls.”

Spirituality of the soul and heart begins with breath. YHWH breathed into man and man became a living soul.


To the natural man, stretching out ones arms, is stretching to the One True Source who stretches out his arms, Yahoshua.

Yahoshua is as an epitet to balance the scale between man and YHWH.

Wendim Yadon provided a video several years ago that provides much insight into the “yoke” aka “yoga” of Yahoshua.

YOGA & Yoke Of YESHUA: JAH Discipline Of Heart & Mind?!

In the video, Wendim Yadon’s reasoning follow the Living WORD and is accurate declaration of Divine Truth (Emet) of Yahoshua.

The root of Life, love and Loyalty is YHWH. YHWH IS THE LIVING WORD.


Those who turn away from YHWH who refuse to walk in Yahoshua’s way are rebellious, blasphemous and counterfeits.

That is the reason there are so many “Yogi’ teaching many different philosophies and ideologies regarding Yoga.

INI servitude and obligation is to serve Yahoshua.

To the unnatural man, balance of connecting the scales is a consciousness that is foolishness.

Yaacob’s ladder of malakim ascending and descending is not a contradiction in YHWH’S WORD, nor of what happens in the world.

Yahoshua’s Right hand shall teach terrible things.

Gnostics of YHWH, make many books, publish, apply and study that truth about the TRUE YOKE OF YOGA IS taught and learned by ones who receive.

Ihit Ahkot
Mary Rose

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