Maskarram 26, Tishre 27, Saturday, October 6, 2018,

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

Torah Portion Bereshit/Genesis




YHWH’s Ruach moved upon the face of the waters, that YHWH made.

YHWH commanded that there be light: and there was light. YHWH divided the light from darkness

YHWH created male and female in YHWH’S image

YHWH made a covenant agreement with the male and female that was a condition of life of man who had not fallen away from YHWH into sin

IN YHWH’S continued creative acts and YHWH’S continued covenants, the first Word YHWH. spoke were, are and will be a covenant

Sin was and is the act and or condition that separates man from YHWH

YHWH does not accept nor allow ones who are not called, chosen nor accepted to be included in YHWH’S covenant

There are eight divine covenant relationships that are solution and or are redemption for YHWH’S people

The eight COVENANTS are the Edenic, Adamic,Noahic,Abrahamic, Mosaic Palestinian, Davidic, and New Covenants

True comprehension of the covenants begins with relationship with The Creator of Heaven and Earth and or in relationship with His Son whom he sent to save and or redeem his people

Yahoshua Ben YHWH had, has and will have relationship with, YHWH, His Father, The Father, and with YHWH’S people

Ones who are called chosen and accepted share a relationship with Yahoshua in Ruach, Truth and Reality

All others have an existence for a period of time to be and do what ones will be and do

until YHWH says goodbye

When and if Yahoshua says goodbye ines life is literally over

What is available Is Yahoshua’s GRACE

In Yahoshua’s grace, live, love and be loyal in Yahoshua’s name


Ihit Ahkot

Mary Rose

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