The House of Him That Has His Shoe Loosed

Maskarram 6, Tishre 7, Sunday, September 16 2018, SHALOM! פרשת האזונ
Parashat (in Diaspora)

Shalom Selamta Tenayistiling Family,

According to The Torah, there are obligations that the children of Israel are to fulfill within the family.

If one of YHWH’S people gives his word, to a family member, unlike the world, flesh and devil, that word is a promise that is equivalent to the word YHWH gives.

I am reminded of Hirut aka Ruth.

There was Pioni alimony (that’s a name I say to describe him and his actions).

Pioni Alimony did not wish to lose what he had inherited, and opted not to take Hirut, When presented with the opportunity to do so.

Did whatever that was that he had inherited cause him to look unfavorably on Hirut?

Was there something evil and or wicked with Hirut?

Was Hirut undesirable because of what she and Nuhkamin had been thru and or looked down upon because of something else?

Inside, she had to know her value and worth. She knew whose she was. She could not and would not settle nor run after false flags, and fake dreams.

What resources did she have? What was she doing? What type of service and work did she contribute to Nuhkamin? What type of service did she provide after the reapers?

Did she get help with what she had to do? Was she privy to what was said and done behind the scenes?

She knew she was a stranger amongst her mishpachah(family). She knew she was unlike the other handmaidens.

Her loyalty and devotion to her spiritual family, in the face of all matters, provided for the raising up and rising up of a spiritual, mental, physical Ruach, Truth and Reality in her that was. is and will be ROYAL.

She is a pillar that foundations generations of royalty.

When confronted by Boaz, Pioni Alimony, the next kinsman in line to inherit Nuhkamin’s inheritance was willing to purchase Nuhkamin’s inheritance.

He, however, felt that what he had was greater and of more significance to him than marrying Hirut (Ruth). Therefore he declined Boaz’s offer to accept Hirut.

There are parallels of Hirut’s story to what is happening in Africa today.

Professor Patrick Lumumba-Africa on the rise”

Even though she was treated with disregard, by a near kinsman, Hirut (Ruth) had to rise above the sugar honey ice tea, know and accept Boaz’s promise.

Pioni Alimony was, is and will be him of the house that has his shoe loosed.

Boaz’s was faithful to his first words to Hirut: “Blessed be thou of YHWH ALMIGHTY, for thou had shown more kindness in the latter end than at the beginning, in that you did not follow young men, whether rich or poor.” Ruth 3:10

He instructed Ruth to tarry that night and it shall be in the morning that he will perform the part of a kinsman’s part.

He PROMISED, if Pioni alimony would not, that he would fulfill the part.

And he did, does and will do! Halleluyah! Hallelujah!

Ahks and Ahkotee, near and far, of Bethlehem of Judah, be careful of what INI, we, YHWH’S people say, do and how INI, we, YHWH’S people treat one another.

If one does not, ones travels and trod may end up in a house with loose shoes.

Ihit Ahkot
Mary Rose

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