Psalms 135

Ethiopic Miaziah7, Hebrew Nisan 30, April 15, 2018

Glory, honor, thanks and praise of, to, with and for Yahoshua Ben YHWH!

Ruach Kadesh of TRuth guide INI in all truth.

Rosh Chodesh Iyyar Blessings!

Psalms 135 is a Psalm of praise, of YHWH’S servants, ones who stands in the house of YHWH Almighty, in the courts of the house of YHWH, INI POWER.

PRAISE YHWH for YHWH IS GOOD! YHWH’S name is pleasant.

YHWH chose Yaacob for himself. YHWH chose Israel for a peculiar treasure.

YHWH IS Above all powers!

YHWH did as YHWH please, YHWH did in heaven and earth, in the sea and deep places.

YHWH will judge his people and repent himself concerning his servants.

Bless YHWH, O Beta Israel! Bless YHWH, O house of Aaron

Bless YHWH O house of Lewi

All who fear YHWH, bless YHWH

Bless YHWH out of Zion, which dwells at Jerusalem




Ihit Ahkotee Mary Rose

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