Hosannah! Hosannah! Hosannah to The Highest! The Easter Lie Exposed!

Ethiopian 23 Makawit, 7510, Hebrew Nisan 16, 5779, April 1, 2018

Glory, honor and praise of, to, with and for Yahoshua Ben YHWH!

Ruach Kadesh of TRuth guide INI in all truth.



Hail up Wendim Yadon of LOJ SOCIETY, for bringing forward a more accurate truth of Yahoshua!

Easter-Ashtar is pagan worship.


In the you tube link “Ea$ter 2018: Don’t Be A FOOL This APRIL$ FOOL $unDay?!

Wendim Yadon provides a very good break down of the lie of Easter.

He proves according to Scriptures and study material, The Greco Romans (revealed) as the who, who are behind the who did it- question regarding Easter.

In addition to revealing who is behind, the great Easter egg, bunny, hippity hoppity, delusion, Wendim Yadon presents a reasonment that begs the question of every aspect of the lie. From counting the days from sundown Friday to Sunday to what they did, to cover their lies.

As it is written, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O YHWH my strength and my Redeemer!


The Greco Romanist began the lie, they had to “CON” VINCE black and brown pastors, preachers, teachers PHARASITICAL and Sadducee rabbis, scholars and people who do not accept Yahoshua, that Easter is in the Bible and thus ok to celebrate.


Those who bought into the lie by the liars, who began the Easter lie, either knowingly or unknowingly bought or were beaten into the lie.

Once they accepted the lie they perpetuate it thru their “Ashtar”-Easter teachings, preachings, darashas and children that do not line up with the living and or written word of Truth.

They buy their sons and daughters ” Easter clothes and shoes, bonnets, bows and bags”

Who profits from the sale? Who profits (prophets) from what is bought?

They sale and buy plants, eggs and dye. Who profits from the sale?

The “pagan” celebration is a Mind controlled activity to distract from the Truth, True Word of YHWH.

Easter. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world of lies and lose his own soul????

Yahoshua Ben YHWH is The True. Salvation and Redeemer! Hosannah! Hosannah! To the Highest!!!


Ihit Ahkotee, Mary Rose

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