YHWH Has The Whole World In His Hands

12-1-2017, Hebrew 5778, Ethiopic 7510


Modei Ani, Lefaneka, Mekek Chai VahaKayom. Shehekezarta Banishmati, Behamela Rabbah Emonatecha.

מוֹדֶה אֲנִי לְפָנֶיךָ מֶלֶךְ חַי וְקַיָּם, שֶׁהֶחֱזַרְתָּ בִּי נִשְׁמָתִי בְּחֶמְלָה.

רַבָּה אֱמוּנָתֶךָ.

I gratefully thank You living and enduring King, for you have faithfully restored my soul. YHWH restored my soul, that I may be with, love, and serve Yahoshua Ben YHWH, my Brother, my Son, my Adoni,  my Ishi. Hosea 2:16! Raising up the house of Judah, raises up the house of Dawid! Do not repulse YHWH in YHWH’s manifestation!


Snow time


Visualize the essence of a butterfly in the middle of the picture above. Truth, Life, Love , Freedom and Loyalty are like the pure essence of a butterfly.

Cocooned inside, Life and Love find expression in struggles within and in the environment in which the pure essence is. In a warm climate, that pure essence, essence’s purity incubation period takes far less time to become a butterfly,  than if the pure essence is in a cold climate.

YHWH is the FIRE that keeps the essence pure and warm during the cold! Selah. Halleluyah! Todah Rabbah! Life and love are like  pure essence expressed, expressions and or waiting for expression, even in the midst of the cold.

YHWH’s Shoes, Clothes, Crown

At night falling, it’s snow time. The snow shelf of life and love is still.  Few have worn, wear and will wear YHWH’s shoe’s, clothes, crown. YHWH’s “shoe tree”, is YHWH’s faithful sign that YHWH’s word is TRUE. YHWH is comforted when those who are able to wear the shoes, clothes and crown on YHWH’s tree, come, get and wear their shoes, clothes and crown. They then are comforted and comfort one another.

The lonely fellow,  inside and out, rises in the new age; the Age of Aquarius, bearing water of life and love that flows. When the sun melts the snow and ice, water flows!

During the snow time, and snow season, as chilling as it may be to see, know, say, and do……. “Awo,  Kayn, Yes to seen and unseen, known and unknown life and love, in YHWH’s Wisdom, TRuth, Righteousness, Under, Inner and Overstanding, Kindness, Shalom, Grace, Knowledge, Freedom, Choice and Loyalty say  “It’s snow time,  let it snow”, 2 to snow, who and what will be, will be.


Torah Portion Wayishlach

This Torah portion is so full of many pearls, emeralds, diamonds and precious pieces! INI, we, YHWH’s people apprecialove, value and keeping of spiritual jewels is an everlasting presence and power.

Trod Liken to Bereshit 35, HIM Boat Ride

I was walking a long two blocks meditating about life, love and this torah portion. As I walked, I looked and saw, that on that particular street I was walking, that street had 99.9%  shops that are jewelry stores.

YHWH’s word is that YHWH would give INI we, the land on which INI feet trod.  Joshua 1:3

Prior to my walk, I had ridden by the store, many times not paying attention to them, nor the shops and stores. As I approached the end of the street, there was a jewelry store named “Benjamin’s on the Row”.

I laughed, because, on many levels, I think of my Benjamin family, in YHWH’s spectrum of life, love and progress.

HIM, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Ruach Kadesh, YHWH’s people have the ability to reveal and or conceal what INI we, YHWH’s  knew and know, and will know.

As I walked, internal meditation, brought me to a place where externally, I captured this photo:

Benjamin's on the Row

BENJAMIN, IT IS TIME!! Photo by Mary Rose

Figure 1   Word Pic by Mary Rose of Benjamin Jewelry Store

Giving thanks and praises in strange places.

My intent for INI, we, YHWH’s people’s shoes, clothes, crown presence and power be in and with INI, we, YHWH’s marriages, children, family, Jerusalem, Zion of all the tribes, communities, nation. INI, we, YHWH’s  wendim and ihits, ahks and ahkotee, brethren and sistren according to the Torah portion, Bereshit 35: 16-19, Benjamites, about to be born, again! Halleluyah! HalleluJAH, RASTAFARI!

No More Colonialism, No More Babylon

For a long time, colonialist have gone into our lands and taken precious resources, to build and restore their “Babylonian shittim”. INI, we, YHWH’s people build and restore INI, we YHWH’s people’s righteous shoes, clothes, crown presence and power!

Babylon has fallen. YHWH’s will, ones and ones are able to see, INI, we, YHWH’s people’s life and progress.


In HIM Haile Selassie I 1st Autobiography My Life and Ethiopia’s Progress, chapter 60, he journals that his journey from Alexandria to Paris, on May 9 1924, on the boat called Cordillia.

When he passed Corsica he came into view of great fortifications (Zion). War ships came to receive HIM. Many airplanes (air planes) hovered in the air. Five is the number of grace!

Five war ships passed on the right and five on the left .He was received by many officials after he disembarked from the ship, he was pleased that he was received.

There was an acknowledgement that INI, we, YHWH’s Ethiopian ancient forefathers held the whole world in wisdom and in strength.

Ras Andargachew Messai of Ethiopia, born March 23, 192-August 16, 1981 and sent to study in France, made a speech where he said to HIM he felt honor and pride in his heart when he and other students read what was written by foreign historians about Ethiopian forefathers in ancient times.

YHWH Has The Whole World In His Hands

Ethiopian forefathers and by extension, foremothers , held the whole world in wisdom and in strength as INI, we, YHWH’s people’s do and must do. INI, we, YHWH’s people’s forefathers and foremothers made their power known by studying in Mitzraim, and other places. Far from a few scholars, people as a whole do not know the full history of Ethiopia.

By HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie sending students abroad to study, and to civilize, an uncivilized world, Messai’s experience  is my shared “insperience”.  In the moment that I was thinking of marriage, children,  and family, life, love, Jerusalem, Zion, this Torah portion, I was able to capture,  in real time, some of my thoughts that were on a “higher plane”. I was able to capture the word picture as well.

Length, width, depth and height link to this Torah portion is so rich! Sometimes, on the journey, ones and ones may be tempted to give up, give in, and or turn around. Sometimes there are so many ups and downs, no one around. Sometimes problems and pains, being forsaken, YHWH IS GOOD!!!

My Benjamite family  eye, mouth, heart, hands in YHWH’s power and presence be open to INI, we, YHWH’s people and be blessed! In Yahoshua Ben YHWH, HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I, Ruach Kadesh is a way out, and the way in. Give YHWH glory, honor and praise!!! PRAISE YHWH! BECAUSE YHWH WILL TAKE REPROACH, and DISAPPOINTMENT AWAY. HALLELUYAH! HALLELUJAH!

YHWH is Faithful

No temptation has overtaken INI, we, YHWH’s people except what is common to humanity. In the face of all matters, YHWH IS FAITHFUL!! YHWH will not let INI, we, YHWH’s people be tempted beyond what INI, we, YHWH’s people can bear. But when INI, we YHWH’s people are tempted, YHWH will provide a way out so that INI, we, YHWH’s people can endure. 1 Corinthians 10:13

Hebrew letter, word and phrase for today:

Hebrew Letter English Translation Hebrew Word English Translation Hebrew Phrase English Translation
י Yod




Order, Everything, It will Work ןהיאה באשאגאר i

Yihyeh Beseder




It will all work out, Everything will be ok, It will be in order


Raising Up The House of Judah Holistic, Organic, Natural product, services, and information

YHWH’s will, wealth that increases, increase by means of such thing that are my own. Aware of mind, body and ruach inside and out,  and the requirements of the body, mind and ruach,  Raising Up The House of Judah, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu,  assists in enhancing quality of health, life, love and wellness by providing holistic, natural, organic products, information and services.

HOLISTIC Natural Healing Information

Righteous and Good Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari who are in the world, not of the world,  are guided by YHWH’s indwelling intelligence.  YHWH’s Indwelling intelligence guides INI, we, YHWH’s people to cleave to YHWH, observe, study to show INI, we YHWH’s people approved, in doing as they say, but not as they do. Take note of the earth and the fullness thereof, that belongs to YHWH. Seek first YHWH’s kingdom and righteousness. And all these things shall be added. Based on what YHWH gives that we are able to receive, we are able to heal internally and externally from all manner of illness, sickness and disease.

Herbs in your spice rack have healing secrets which you may or may not be aware of. This is a list of herbs and their healing secrets provide a holistic, organic, natural approach to healing. I encourage  approaching reading, meditating on the holistic scripture related to each herb to bring forth the better, manifestation of healing.

Herbs in your spice rack have healing secrets which you may or may not be aware of. This is a reference guide to several herbs to provide a holistic, organic, natural approach and guide to health, healing and livity. I encourage  approaching reading, meditating on the holistic scripture related to each herb to bring forth the better, manifestation of healing, health and wellness.

HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALING Psalms 72:14 He shall redeem INI, we, YHWH’s people’s people’s soul from deceit and violence: and precious shall INI, we, YHWH’s  people’s  blood be in his sight.


Bereshit-Genesis 27:29 And the boys grew: and Esau was cunning hunter, a man of the field; and Yaacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents. 28. And Yscok loved Esau, because he did eat of his venison:  but Rebekah loved Yaacob.  29. And Yaacob sod pottage: and Esau came from the field and he was faint.


Psalms 84:1-3

Psalms 42:11  ; 43:5

Psalms 67

Psalms 109:15, 145:7;

Proverbs 10:7

Ecclesiastes 9:5

John 20:19-23 Yahoshua appear to Yahoshua’s disciples  and breathes on his disciple and says to his disciples to receive the Ruach Kadesh. Whosoever sins the disciples remit they are remitted to them, and whosoever sins are retained they are retained.
Herbs Good for Digestion, guard against ulcers, and food born illnesses These herbs are Good for  Digestion, guard against ulcers, and food born illnesses Fenugreek Seed

Bay Leaves, Cayenne pepper, celery seed, cilantro, cinnamon, cumin, fennel seed, ginger, onion, oregano rosemary, sage, thyme, vanilla

Promotes digestion, improves appetite, and respiratory health.  Maintains healthy blood sugar by lowering blood sugar, cholesterol.

Oregano-Restrains harmful microbes, and bacteria, food borne  illnesses. Supports healthy digestion. Antioxidant that protects against damage to cell structure.


Ginger root is a sweet-hot rhizome that heals digestive distress, colds, viruses, nausea, vomiting caused by motion sickness, pregnancy, radiation exposure, and chemotherapy.    Heals symptoms  of dizziness, cold sweats, upset stomach, growth of skin cancer cells. Anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and swelling, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, coronary artery disease, prohibits  aggregation of platelets that cause blood clots, and pathogens that cause respiratory infections and digestive discomfort. Clears nasal passages. Rosemary-Increases memory and cognitive performance, protection against  Alzheimers, inflammation n the respiratory system, allergies and pollutants, arthritis and fibromyalgia, and tumors.  Thyme- Supports respiratory and digestive functions. Fights against coughs, bronchitis, and chest congestion, an antibacterial and antifungal that fights infection and relaxes negative effects of disrupted respiratory passages. Protects cells in the brain, kidney and heart by increasing healthy fat in cell membranes. . Source  of iron and manganese
Herbs to keep your heart and circulatory system healthy Basil, Cayenne Pepper, Cumin, Garlic, Ginger, Onion
Herb for strengthening the immune system and fighting infection Juniper Berries, Basil, Cayenne, Cilantro, Cinnamon,  Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme Juniper Berries heal inflammation, pain and infectious disease. Juniper is a diuretic and supports digestion, antimicrobial effects against bacteria, parasites, and fungi.  Heals kidney by detoxing the kidney of harmful substances, as it supports urinary and bladder functions.
Sooth colds, flu and allergies Bay Leaves, Cayenne Pepper, Cilantro, Garlic, Ginger, Rosemary, Thyme
Cholesterol Bay Leave, Cayenne Pepper, Fenugreek, Tumeric
Cramps and PMS Sage, Fennel Seed Wisdom,  enhance memory, protection against Alzheimers, Like Rosemary, sage h rosmarinc acid, an antioxidant to protect cells from damage, and reduce inflammation. Fights arthritis, assists indigestion, relieves gas, and upset stomach, calms and relaxes muscles, cramps, and spasms.  Freshens and cleanses the air.
Overall Health, Energy and wellness All spice, Anise, Cardamon, Cloves, Coriander, Curry, Dill, Mustard Seed, Nutmeg, Paprika, Tarragon

Holistic, Natural Organic Products

Holistic, Natural, Organic Raising Up The House of Judah products  are available to support cares of The Almighty YHWH, to INI, we, YHWH’s family and people first, and then to the nations. Towards that purpose our products are for sustaining, building and nourishing holistic, natural, organic health and wellness.  We try to provide product based on needs and cares of The Almighty YHWH, to INI, we, YHWH’s family and people first, and then to the nations. Natural, organic herbs from the earth, along with fire, air, pure water and clean animals were and are sources that promote and support holistic, natural, organic life.

Our products-soaps, candles, body spas, foot soaks, body butters, tinctures, body creams, lip balms, body massage rubs, lock gel, lock shampoo, lock conditioner, body powders are natural herb based. Our products are not animal based. Our herbal formulas are formulated from natural and organic herbs.

We look for and provide various essential oils with which we make our products. We provide our products from a variety of organic and natural herb sources. Our oils, powders, soaps, body spas, lotions and other products are packaged in natural and recycled containers! How unique! Pronounced UNI Q!

Chai חי Body Massage and Rub is a body massage that can be rubbed on the body.  Made with organic avocado seedavocado2  Chai חי, Body Massage and Rub IMG_20170626_145808can be used for muscle pain massages and aching joints. Send an email forward to yahoshuasbatofzion@gmail.com to make your order for all Raising Up The House Products.   For those in the Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania area, Chai חי, Body Massage and Rub, may be obtained at The Nile Café, located at 6008 Germantown Avenue.

Special made “fabric fans” are able to be fragranced with you favorite essential oil, to endow you with you personal vital aroma as you and your fan keep calm, cool and collected!IMG_20170523_163917


Training, Teaching , Workshop, Classes

We provide Torah based on-line and in person, home school tutoring, adult education, curriculum development, lesson plan development, in subject area from Hebrew Aleph Bet, organic gardening, natural uses of herbs and essential oils, crochet, quilting, and sacred dance. All training, teaching, workshops and classes are approached from an overall holistic health and wellness Torah-Bible based approach. We provide training , teaching, workshop classes and services.

Like a blessed, light, sweet scented flower springing forth from the root of Jesse, bursting into blossom, flowing in one accord with YHWH’s Will,  Raising Up The House of Israel, Judah, in name, glory and honor to Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu humanity and divinity, brings forth new life, good fruit, holistic health, wellness products.  May healing and repair in marriage, children, family, Jerusalem, and Zion raise up and move forward!

You may choose what product you like and what herbs you would like your product to be made from the list below.  Send forward request, comments and or questions via email at: yahoshuasbatofzion@gmail.com .

Yes, (English) Kain (Hebrew) Awo-(Amharic) Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu get the glory, honor and praise! YHWH’s people and then the nations get the healing!

Almond Cinnamon Geranium Lemon Oregano Sage
Anise Coconut Ginger Lemongrass Neem Sandlewood
All Spice Frankincense and Myrrh Hibiscus Licorice Papaya Sheperd’s Purse
Chamomile Fennel Hyssop Walnut Peppermint Tea Tree
Yarrow Fenugreek Lavender Rosemary Rose Hips Vanilla
Orange Plantain Vertiver Avocado Seed
Formulas Dandelion Root
Lemongrass and Coconut Oregano and Coconut Frankincense and Myrrh

Castor Oil

Comfrey Root

Cucumber Lime Honey and Black Seed Orange and Lemon Shea & Coconut Coconut and Papaya
Coconut and Lime Coconut and Lemongrass Coconut and Lemon Lemon and Ginger Orange and Rose Lavender and Coconut

Yahoshua’s Shalom,

New Picture (94)

Ihit Ahkotee, Mary Rose





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