Righteous Malakim Rise in Goodness and Righteousness-Part 2

Ethiopic 7510, Hebrew 5778, November 25, 2017

It is interesting that this post that I posted on my Google + was redirected and posted on my WordPress.  I posted this post on Google+ and the vid may be seen on my Google +. YHWH get the glory, honor and praise!

Torah Portion Wayeitzei is liken to Yaacob, who went out of his mother and father’s home an Ethiopian, Cushite. When he returns to his mother and father he is an Ethiopian Cushite. Amos 9:7.

His white relative, Laban, tricked and roughisly did all manner of sugar honey ice tea to Yaacob.

But YHWH, is faithful and Yaacob was brought from the depths of the earth! Psalms 7.

Hallelujah! Halleluyah!

Give thanks Wendim Yadon for the attached vid, that highlights some of the actions, activity, expressions, experiences and origins of one’s and ones. The analogy of ones and ones on the sojourn who go to the gas station to get gas, and then decide to stay at the gas station  is a good analogy of how men turn and or are turned away.

Righteous Malakim rise in goodness and righteousness!


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