10-27-2017, Hebrew 5778, Ethiopic 7510


2 Samuel;7,9; Nevertheless, Dawid took the strong hold of Zion; the same is the city of Dawid. 9. So Dawid dwelt in the fort and called it the city of Dawid. And Dawid built round about from  Millo and inward.

Raising Up The House of Dawid-Amos 9:11 In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of Dawid that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old:

Yahoshua sufferings and glory follow into the Davidic Kingdom. Jerusalem be comforted! Accomplish her warfare, pardon her iniquity, for she has received of YHWH’s hand, double for all her sins. Make straight in the desert, a highway for YHWH. Valley’s be exalted. Mountains and hills be made low. Crooked be made straight. Rough places be plain. Captivity of INI, we, YHWH’s people who were, are and will be redeemed, blessed, and powerful are YHWH’s GLORY!!

Modei Ani, Lefaneka, Mekek Chai VahaKayom. Shehekezarta Banishmati, Behamela Rabbah Emonatecha.

מוֹדֶה אֲנִי לְפָנֶיךָ מֶלֶךְ חַי וְקַיָּם, שֶׁהֶחֱזַרְתָּ בִּי נִשְׁמָתִי בְּחֶמְלָה.

רַבָּה אֱמוּנָתֶךָ.

I gratefully thank You living and enduring King, for you have faithfully restored my soul. YHWH restored my soul, that I may serve Yahoshua Ben YHWH, my brother, my son, my Adoni,  my Ishi. Hosea 2:16!

Ruach has guided me to review my work after it has been written, posted and published. I have written in previous articles about how many times when I have written articles that those seen, unseen, known and unknown,  who do negativity against me, do what they do.  I have found several times that several of the articles I have written were altered after I posted and published the work.

I am  aware that those seen and unseen, known and unknown, who have either direct and or remote access to my accounts and writings, whose intent it is to deceive, steal, kill, destroy and distract, are doing what they do.

YHWH’s judgment and will be upon them. Once apprehended and held accountable, after repentance, restoration and shalom, YHWH’s will.

*****NOTE***** Right after I wrote the last paragraph, the windows program on the computer stopped working. There was a message that “window was collecting information”. Currently as I write, internet service has “supposedly” been blocked and is turned off from the computer. If I did not write about the events, there would be no light shining and documentation of the activity. Ruach guides that I enter “Notes” in my writings to shine light on darkness.


INI, We, YHWH’s Falashed people must guard against the duplicitous dissemblers and from being duplicitous and dissemblers. We must expose evil and promote good. Those in darkness, seen and unseen, known and unknown who do what they do, intend that INI, we, children of light and children of the day, be as they, children of darkness.

Out of Jerusalem, Heavenly host, INI, we, YHWH’s people are against evil on the earth! We will not depart from the work and service to Yahoshua Ben YHWH. Although we are in the world, we are not of the world. Falashaed amongst those who are of the world, on one level, INI, we, YHWH’s people are separate from the world, on a higher level.

At the places where I go to get food and water, as kindness of YHWH flows through my person. I exercise caution because I am aware of certain kinds of energies. I am aware that ones and ones of the world like to disguise themselves as vehicles of light.

They tell INI who they are and what they intend in their satanic celebration of Halloween and other hell-i-days. Their demonism is so heightened and they are so bold with what they do, that, those who are in the world, flesh and devil matrix subscribe to celebrating their hell-i-days and cause others to do so.

I am aware that I am separated from the uncircumcised world. I teach those  who will receive, to receive Yahoshua Ben YHWH.  Yahoshua is salvation. If they do not accept Yahoshua, I have learned to say, “Give Thanks” and keep moving. By giving thanks to YHWH, I acknowledge that that soul is where it is, and YHWH’ will with that soul. It is YHWH’s will, whether to accept and or not to accept ones and ones.

Those who are uncircumcised who do accept Yahoshua, I have learned to say, “Give Thanks” , My work of salvation is present and has power from YHWH!

Hebrew Lesson: In faithfulness and grace of the Ruach Kadesh, Raising Up the House of Dawid, in Raising Up The House of Judah, YHWH’s will, I will find favor in YHWH’s eyes, post Hebrew letters, words and phrases.

Shem’s unusual relation to YHWH Almighty Jehovah is real, ISRAEL!

Noah blessed YHWH Almighty of Shem. With YHWH’s will, might, strength and help, righteous Shemitic marriage, children, family, Jerusalem, Zion, postings and teachings, established in YHWH’s word, rise, shine and continue! INI, we, YHWH’s people Prepare fruit, to be fruitfully multiplied in YHWH!

HalleluYah! HalleluJah!

HIM & Her2.jpg

Hieroglyphics is the first written words and phrases.  Hebrew letters words and phrases provide a foundation to INI, we, YHWH’s people- Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari identity, culture, knowledge, life, livity and love in righteous order of Melchizedec.

Hebrew letter, word and phrase for today:

Hebrew Letter English Translation Hebrew Word English Translation Hebrew Phrase English Translation
א Aleph אהאואת Ahavat אהאואת ה אמאת

Ahavat HaEmet

Love of the Truth

Israel is and will be re, in-gathered, converted and made the center of the new social order.

YHWH sees and knows all! YHWH  chastises Israel. Israel, know for a certainty, that YHWH has promised never to leave and forsake Israel. Because of missing the mark, YHWH forsake Israel for a moment. (Isaiah 54:7). But with loving kindness,  YHWH is The everlasting Almighty! YHWH is Creator of the ends of the earth,  and faints not, neither is weary. YHWH gives power to the faint and the increases strength, to ones and ones who have no might.

Wait upon YHWH Almighty, YHWH will renew INI, we, YHWH’s people’ strength, that we mount up with wings as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint! Isaiah 40:31.

Man has a responsibility to govern the world for YHWH. The highest form of governing and government is taking life. When consciousness and innocence in man fails,  judgment floods. Qualities given by YHWH are purposed to be used for the glory, honor and praise of YHWH.

Apart from YHWH, outer man is only able to hope for and prepare for righteousness, goodness, acceptance by YHWH of gifts and offerings.

In YHWH’s greatness and man’s weakness YHWH declares for the islands to “KEEP silence before him” and let the people renew INI strength and come near together in judgment. YHWH is the first and the last! INI see and draw near.

Isaiah 41:8-9. But INI, we, Israel belong to YHWH, Yaacob is the chosen seed of Abraham, YHWH’s friend, and servant.

Yes, Kayn, Awo INI belong to YHWH! INI, we, YHWH’s people are not cast-aways. YHWH holds INI, we, YHWH’s people’s right hand and will help INI, we, YHWH’s people. Rejoice in YHWH Almighty, glory in The Kadosh One of Israel!

YHWH will work it out for the good, redemption and salvation and Promise, to INI, we, YHWH’s people that YHWH will get the glory, honor and praise for good life and love to come forward! YHWH’s Glory!

Yahoshua’s Shalom,

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

Author and Owner of Raising  Up The House of Judah (raisingupthehouseofjudah.wordpress.com) and AGHS Judah (aghsweb.wordpress.com)

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