YHWH is Ultimately in Control, when they do what they do

9-23-2017, Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7510

Halleluyah and Todah Rabbah, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Joshua Son of Nun, Hoshea has been commissioned by Moshe to lead Falashaed Israel, near and far into the Promised Land.
Several articles I have recently written and posted appear to have “disappeared”. 

No weapon by those seen and unseen, known and unknown that is formed against INI, we, YHWH’s people shall prosper. 

The word does not say the weapons would not form, the word says, “they will not prosper”.

YHWH’s has, is, and will keep the promise to Abraham, Yscok, and Yaacob, whose name was changed to Israel, because he wrestled with a malakim a would not let go!

  • I initially planned to write an article that reflects deep thoughts of praise and Thanksgiving to Yahoshua, Ruach Kadesh, Abba Father, HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I. And that is what this article is! 
  • As INI, we, YHWH’S people approach INI, we, YHWH’S High Kadosh Days, YHWH’S will to have, and to be in, at one ment with YHWH.
  • HaaaaaaaaaaalelelelelelluluYah!
  • HaaaaaaaaaaalelelelelelluluJah! 
  • The daughters of Zelophehad approached before Elazar saying “YHWH commanded Moshe to give us a heritage among our brothers. 
  • YHWH’s Sisters, Ahkotee, Ihitoch who have been barren and who have not married, know that delay doors not mean denial. Be encouraged in Righteousness!


Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

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