“Samech” and the Bounds of Life

1-3-2017, Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509


Parashat Vayigash, found in the 44th Chapter of Bereshit/Genesis, speaks in many ways to YHWH’s purpose and intent! Judah came near , Judah approached, him and said “if you please Adoni, may your servant speak a word in my adoni’s ears and let not your anger flare up at your servant-for you are like Pharaoh.  Judah stepped up during a very trying time. Asked if he, Judah and his brothers “Have a father or brother? “ On the journey of return, often because we are called out, came out, and if not received by YHWH, are Falashaed, the journey of return, may have been, and or be like Yosef’s.

Yosef was sold into slavery by his brothers, and he went to Mitzraim as a slave. His alienation from his brothers, father, sisters, mother was more than enough to drive him to have turned away from YHWH. But it was because of YHWH’s faithfulness and grace, and Yosef’s acceptance of YHWH’s faithfulnss and grace, wisdom, righteousness and truth  both revealed and concealed,  that, in the bounds of life, YHWH restores and repairs.


The Hebrew letter  “Samech” reflects this theme. In the PaRDeS, the orchard, or garden, mankind is restored. It is in the Garden of Eden or Paradise that discernment, and sacredness discovered must be explained. The “ASOD” , mystery of YHWH is covered and revealed in Each generation of Torah study that adds to the continuing life of the Torah, as it is lived by and in our people.

Eilu veilu d’vrei Elohim Chaym.  These are the words of the Living Elohim.

Brothers and sisters, ones and ones may disagree “for the sake of heaven”. (machloket she shamayim). In YHWH’s people is wisdom and grace to discern, whether there is wisdom,  ignorance, grace  and or disgrace that has happened, is happening and or will happen. What caused such matters? YHWH knows!  If one would have looked at Yosef, when he was a slave and or when he was in prison, an assessment could have been made that he ain’t , “Sugar Honey Ice Tea!” Because he was “put low’ in the bounds of life.

YHWH’s redemptive power can be seen in Yosef’s rise and when Judah approached Yosef, who was like Pharaoh and recognizes and says  to him, in verse 30, And now, if I come to your servant, my father,  and the youth is not with us-since his soul ( my father’s soul) is so bound up with his soul (Benjamin’s soul) are  (bound in the circle of life, bound in the “Samech” “O” of life). It will happen that when he sees the youth missing, he will die, and your servants will have brought down the hoariness of your servant our father in sorrow to the grave.

Yosef saw his brothers when  they went to Mitzraim to buy provisions.

Although he had been forced into slavery, into bondage, it was so that YHWH would get the glory honor and praise because after all the time of separation from his rightful, marriage, children and family, he became able to save his family during the time of famine.

It was Judah who pledged to return to both Yosef and to bring Benjamin to Yaacob! Judah came near and spoke to Praise Up and Raise Up His family. Although much time and space had passed, YHWH’s people who are called by HIS name, humble, and prayerful, turned from wickedness- Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, YHWH Elyon, redeems, saves and delivers.  Raising Up The House of Judah! HalleluJAH!

According to Sages (Chaz’l) “samaech” represents the endless and ever ascending spiral of YHWH’s glory in the universe! YHWH’s glory is revealed in the seasons and rhythms of our Jewish modeim (festivals).  Having just observed  our modeim, “Hannukah” the strength to spiritually war against “x mas”, Kwanzza, and all hellidays, lonliness, alienation, being separated, could overwhelm most. Because YHWH is faithful………

In YHWH’s grace, we are and were able to and will be able to be sacred,  and do what is right, in the circle of life, near and or far, in and or out of season, rhythm, rhyme, and or reason. HalleluYAH!

YHWH has a mysterious, wonderful way, truth and light!  Sometimes one may have been in the low, pits, bondage of life. You are encouraged not to  despair and do not turn away from YHWH. “Samech” represents a double portion of blessing given both in the former and the new covenant of Yahoshua. A person of YHWH’s faithfulness and grace is a walking miracle!

Misgana, Todah Rabbah, Give Thanks for Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, YHWH Eloheinu, Ruach Kadesh, Fatherhood of HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie, YHWH’s people, bound in the bounds of life. Since his soul is so bound up with his soul (bound in the circle of life, bound in the “Samech” “O” of life). Father and son, Mother and daughter!

Waiting for YHWH’s promise of righteous marriage, children and family to be fulfilled? Has YHWH’s promise of righteous marriage, children and family, health, wellness, life, love been fulfilled?  Sometimes righteous marriage, children, family, health, wellness, life and love comes quickly. Sometimes righteous marriage, children, family, health wellness, life and love comes eventually.

Internal and external, parts of the body are able to be healed by internal and external righteous, holistic, natural elements that holistically flow are shared that promote nature, natural, love, and life. Being aware of the body and the needs of the body, Raising Up The House of Judah, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, Israel, assists in enhancing quality of health and wellness by providing holistic, natural, organic soaps, spas, lotions, body butters, body powders and other products.

The Word is a natural, holistic source to spiritual, mental and physical health and wellness. The Word is the main tool to exercise towards building,  achieving, sustaining, and nourishing overall health and wellness. Raising Up The House of Judah, Holistic, Natural, Organic soaps, spas, lotions, body butters, body powders and other products can be used as tools to work towards sustaining, building and nourishing holistic health and wellness.  Our intent and efforts are to provide product and service based on the needs of Yahoshua Ben YHWH,  YHWH’s people, first and then to the nations.

In the beginning of all time places, humanity, and divinity, YHWH created everything and everything YHWH created was good! There were in the beginning and are natural elements that promote and support holistic, natural, organic life. Elements such as orgonite and natural, organic herbs from the earth, fire, air, pure water and clean animals were and are sources that promote and support holistic, natural, organic life.

We strive to maintain the highest level in integrity by providing natural herb based product. In humanity and divinity, a holistic, natural, organic state, is the “faithfulness of YHWH” place, time, grace, wisdom and truth in which our soaps, spas, lotions, body butters, powders, and other products are crafted, prepared and come forth! It does not matter whether ones and ones may live in “housing projects” or in the highest priced and or places in the land, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim is The Supreme, Sovereign Ruler, Keeper, Land Lord, Healer, Sustainer, Redeemer, Salvation!

We provide our products in a variety of herbs, powders, soaps, spas, foot soaks, lotions in natural and recycled containers, from herbs and plants listed below! All holistic, natural, organic from the original to the original!  From YHWH to YHWH’s people!  And then, to the nations…

Like a blessed, light, sweet scented flower springing forth from the root of Jesse, bursting into blossom, flowing in one accord with YHWH’s Will. YHWH’s will, Raising Up The House of Israel, Judah,  Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim,  in humanity and divinity, brings forth new life, good fruit, holistic health, wellness, healing and repair!  Raise up! Rise up!

Yes, (English) Kayn (Hebrew) Awo-(Amharic) Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim get the glory, honor and praise! yahoshuasbatofzion@gmail.com    

Powders, Soaps, Body Spas, Foot soaks, Lotions

Almond Cinnamon Geranium Lemon Oregano Sage
Anise Coconut Ginger Lemongrass Neem Sandlewood
All Spice Frankincense and Myrrh Hibiscus Licorice Papaya Sheperd’s Purse
Chamomile Fennel Hyssop Walnut Peppermint Tea Tree
Yarrow Fenugreek Lavender Rosemary Rose Hips Vanilla
Orange Plantain Vetiver
Lemongrass and Coconut Oregano and Coconut Frankincense and Myrrh

Castor Oil

Comfrey Root

Cucumber Lime Honey and Black Seed Orange and Lemon Shea & Coconut Coconut and Papaya
Coconut and Lime Coconut and Lemongrass Coconut and Lemon Lemon and Ginger Orange and Rose Lavender and Coconut

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

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