Hebrew Numbers, Health and Hope

11-21-2016 , Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509


11-21-2016 , Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509

Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim be praised! YHWH Elohim, and His son, Yahoshua  Ben YHWH, The Messiah be lifted up, YHWH Elohim be Raised up! (Psalms 68:4). For our family, tribe, people and nation, rest assured that Mary Rose, is a servant of Yahoshua, a Daughter of Zion. YHWH has redeemed his servant Yaacob. They did not thirst though He led them through parched deserts; He made water flow for them from a rock; He split a rock and water gushed. But there is no shalom for the wicked, said Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim.  A broken branch  is committed to grow from the seed that was planted, to serve Yahoshua  Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, and YHWH’s people. Colossians 3:22-23, is a commitment. In prayer, over how fruit comes forth, YHWH blesses with a wide assortment of knowledge of every world of knowledge.  The plant world, natural and organic therapies and products, that  have proven to be effective are shared by Raising Up The House of Judah. In essence, we are able to be called, Raising Up The House of Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim. This is why we use and seek to use holistic organic herbs in our products.

We recognize the requirement of trust must be realized when ones and ones make a purchase, barter and or receive our products. We value to keep as secure as we are able, personal information. We are seeking the most secure ways by which, personal information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card information is not compromised. We acknowledge that there have been efforts that have sought to compromise our efforts but we know that YHWH is in control and that no weapon formed against YHWH’s people shall prosper, and any tongue that will rise against YHWH’s people in judgment, YHWH’s people will condemn. Isaiah 54:17. The word does not say that the weapons will not form. The word says the weapons will not prosper!

By composing an acrostic hymn, David overcame despair. He composed the acrostic hymn to show that every faculty of YHWH, YHWH Elohim and YHWH’s people from Aleph to Tav should be dedicated to YHWH. Here are HIGHLIGHTS of Psalms 34:

Bet- In YHWH does my soul glory, may humble ones hear and be glad.

Vav-This poor man calls and YHWH hears and from all his troubles he saves him.

Mem-Ho is the man/wombman who desires life, who loves days of seeing good?

Nun-Guard your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.

Samech-Turn from evil and do good, seek shalom and pursue it.

Koof-YHWH is close to the brokenhearted and those crushed in ruach, he saves.

Resh-Many are the mishaps of the righteous, but from them all YHWH rescues him.

Psalms 34:23 YHWH redeems the soul of His servants and all those who take refuge in Him will not be condemned.

In the beginning, Bereshit/Genesis 13:8-9, Abram pleaded with Lot, his nephew to let there be no strife between them. Abram pleaded with Lot after both had amassed wealth. Abram asked Lot to separate from him. He gave Lot a choice to go right or left. Where ever Lot chose, Abram went opposite. Where Lot went, he was taken captive by the kings of Sodom. As in Abrams an Lot’s day, today’s  Rulers of Sodom  are in high places in religions, philosophies, doctrines and teachings by those who pontificate and act “kadosh”,. (in Hebrew language Kadosh means holy). It was told to Abram that Lot was taken captive. Abram and his 318 disciples   in his house, pursued them and brought back Lot and all his possession, women and people.

YHWH did a marvelous thing. He changed Abram’s name to Abraham. When YHWH changes ones’ name, the name change is always that YHWH will get the glory, honor and praise! YHWH made a covenant between the parts of the Promised Land. Bereshit 15:7-16. YHWH ratified that covenant. He made the covenant official between Abraham and Abraham’s offspring after him throughout his generations. With a new name and a new destiny Abrams name change to Abraham was YHWH’s gift in humanity and divinity. Bereshit/Genesis 17:1-9, YHWH gave Abraham instructions of circumcision of the males and for Sarai, her name was changed to Sarah.  With Sarah’s name change, he gave Abraham a son through her. She gave rise to nations, and kings of people. Bereshit/Genesis 17:15-16.

Wombman have historically been the backbone of health and healing within the family, tribe, community, nation . Raising Up The House of Judah, Mary Rose, abounds in Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim. In Yahoshua’s grace, Raising Up The House of Judah, Raising UP YHWH Elohim, offers ALL NATURAL ORGANIC SOAPS , SPAS,  LOTIONS, BODY BUTTERS, BODY POWDERS guided by Menfes Kedus, Ruach Kadesh. Divine Mother’s wisdom, is a garden of delight, joy, prepared and fashioned out of water and fire, from Heaven. It is amazing grace to see and flow in the Ruach Kadesh’s daily gifts and fruits of the Ruach Kadesh!

Being aware of the body and the needs of the body, we assist in enhancing quality of health and wellness by providing natural organic soaps, spas, lotions, body butters, body powders and other products. The Word is a natural, holistic source to health and wellness. The Word is a tool to work towards sustaining and building and nourishing overall health and wellness. Natural organic soaps, spas, lotions, body butters, body powders and other products can be used as tools to work towards building and nourishing holistic health and wellness.

Like a blessed, light, sweet scented flower springing forth from the root of Jesse, bursting into blossom, flowing in one accord, YHWH’s will, Raising Up The House of Judah, Raising up Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim in humanity and divinity bring forth good fruit, holistic health, wellness, healing and repair.

Almond Cinnamon Geranium Lemon Oregano


Anise Coconut Ginger Lemongrass Neem Sandlewood
All Spice Frankincense and Myrrh Hibiscus Licorice Papaya Sheperd’s Purse
Chamomile Fennel Hyssop Walnut Peppermint Tea Tree
Yarrow Fenugreek Lavender Rosemary Rose Hips Vanilla

Castor Oil

Comfrey Root

Cucumber Lime Honey and Black Seed Vetiver Shea & Coconut Coconut and Papaya
Coconut and Lime Coconut and Lemongrass Coconut and Lemon Lemon and Ginger Orange and Rose Lavender and Coconut

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose





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