Hebrew Numbers, Health, and Hope

11-20-2016 , Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509


Raising Up The House of Judah could also be called, Raising Up The House of Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim for it was Yahoshua Ben YHWH who led me, Mary Rose, into consciousness! The Hebrew language is the language of the Hebrews. As I shared on a post dated 11-18-2016, Menfes Kedus, Ruach Kadesh, Divine Mother directed that I write, for our, INI people about the Hebrew Aleph Bet. Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari writing OUR INI HISTORY, raising up and living Our Culture and speaking our language is important because we are the original. When YHWH Elohim manifest in an individual, marriage, children, family, tribe, community, church, nation, universe and is not corrupted, by the world, flesh and devil matrix, there is perfection. When historical events happened in the beginning to this day  to remove the original and replace the original with imposters, the mind, body and spirit programming and programmers t would seek and seek to control and to prefer wickedness over righteousness, lies over truth, worldliness and flesh over The Righteous Order of Melchizedec. YHWH’s  will, no matter how much wickedness, evil and sin, Lucifer, hasatan and his imps do to deceive, steal, kill and destroy, Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, our people, YHWH is in control!

Most modern day canonized Bibles do not contain all the original Books of the Bible. Old Testament Pseudepigrapha and New Testament Apocrypha. Books such as The Book of Maccabees, The Protevangelion, Gospel of the Infancy of Yahoshua Hamashiach, Abgarus, Gospel of Nicodemus, Acts of Pilate, Paul’s Epistles to the Laodiceans, and Seneca, The Shepherd of Hermas, (Visions, Commands, and Similitudes), “Lost” Gospel of Peter,  the Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians to name a few. Most of what is written, published, and pontificated about in today’s world as it relates to the canonized and non canonized are misinterpretations and or misrepresentation. Many ancient text and scrolls that were stolen from their original people, land and culture have been Europeanized, and re-written by goyin and gentiles for the benefit of those of their and other nations that join them. They herald up who and what has been stolen, and then they deem themselves as their powerful ones!

What can be more sad, than to let go of Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim? Whatever has happened, seen and unseen, known and unknown, cleave to the original. As much as possible, focus. There are many distractions and distracters who intend to separate spiritual, mental and physical oneness in YHWH. What can be more sad, than to see a nation of people seeking to look like, act like, talk like, think like and behave like goyins and gentiles who have historically captured, colonized, castrated, cloned and caricatured Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari? YHWH Elohim is our, INI Power, Source and Hope. Yahoshua Ben YHWH, The Unseen Father, Menfes Kedus, Ruach Kadesh, Fatherhood of HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I in humanity and divinity is YHWH Elohim’s manifestation of YHWH’s power, glory, and honor.

I find it interesting that after I have written and published and sought to publish articles, alterations were made to the articles after I wrote and published them.  Behind the scenes, by those who do what they do, there has been a concerted effort to suppress the writings being published. I have had AT & T phone service and an AT & T go-phone for two months. The time which I have had the service, I have had several conversations with AT & T representatives who have repeatedly requested information and access to my personal contacts. My phone service has been cut off, slowed down and even the location of where the phone posts that I am, is in Washington, DC.  No problem! Has attempts and intents to suppress communications, change righteousness to wickedness, taken on another level of activity? What has always been the charge and intent of lucifer, satan and his imps?  What has been the method of operation? What and who has Lucifer, satan and his imps historically used? There is nothing new under the sun!  In ancient times, how was communication of truth interrupted and or taken and controlled? Computer/technology is not currently allowing access to Hebrew language keyboard to operate and function properly so that the Hebrew letters fonts print and come forth-un-interrupted by one who is truly a Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari Wombman. NO PROBLEM! Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim was, and still IS STILL IN CONTROL!!

Moving Forward:

Breath is the first language. Each letter, in Hebrew has meaning. Hebrew numbers are noteworthy in that they are the counting system by which the process of  “including together” manifest. By looking closely at each letter used to spell the word, sound and power of each number, much can be ciphered.

The first ten numbers of Hebrew are:

English        Hebrew Phonetic sound


1                                 Echad

2                                 Shanayeem

3                                 Shalosh

4                                 Arba

5                                 Chomesh

6                                 Shesh

7                                 Shabat

8                                 Shemone

9                                 Tesha

10                               Asar/Eser


Begin and or continue learning and teaching (INI) ones and ones ,children the Hebrew letters and numbers and pronunciation of the letters and numbers in the Hebrew language. Blessed be YHWH forever! Blessed be Melchizedec, King of Shalom. Blessed be YHWH, The Most High, who delivered our foes into our hand. (Bereshit/Genesis14:17-20). Our history tells of our present and future! YHWH reassures Abram though Abram was childless, of the Promise, the first words YHWH spoke to Abram. If ones and ones have or do not have children, have faith that YHWH’s faithfulness will not fail! Study to show thyself approved, a workman, (wombman) who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth). Study and YHWH will bring forth children to teach (INI) own children, and then the other nations. Abram trusted in YHWH, HalleluJah and YHWH  Elohim reckoned it to him as righteousness. (Bereshit/Genesis 15:1-6) . We are of the seed of Abraham!  Life cycles continue. There is nothing new under the sun. Seek to be humble, abound in grace and knowledge of Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim.

Sistren, and brethren, often because of day to day activity, making the sacrifice to teach our own, (INI) children, may get put on the back burner and or dismissed. When I came into consciousness, one of the questions I continually asked was “Where are our schools?”  As long as there have been Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari on the planet, where are our  (INI ) schools? Brotheren and Sistren, strive not to be distracted, diseased and dismissed.  If YHWH punishes it is because of error and or falling short. If YHWH blesses, it is because of YHWH’s favor. It is of great importance that we remember and that we teach our (INI) own.

Sistren, Daughters, Isha’s, Mothers, during the life cycle, when there are imbalances such as diabetes, high blood pressure,  heart disease, menopause, menstruation, infertility, etc. those dis-eases can be reduced through the use of holistic natural processes. Working in harmony with YHWH, The Great I Am provides the holistic. The holistic, brings forth balance and health, in conjunction with utilizing minerals, vitamins, herbs, foods, digestion, absorption, elimination, increase health and encourages and promotes long life. Mental attitude, relationships, natural flow of shalom, happiness, harmony and health “flow” in balanced relationships that life and love provides.

When there is an imbalance, there is stagnation, stoppage, or seeking to flow. Where comfort zones are stagnate energy such as menstrual cramps, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, fibromyaligia, etc. form and grow in the womb. “Trapped in the Womb”, stagnate, idle, festering, energy results in health issues. Until negative energy are released, the womb declines. The negative energy will either be masked and made bitter or it will be eliminated, purified, cleansed in the womb. It is liken to people, thoughts, feelings, emotions inside of a womb.

People reside in the womb. Yes, there are people in the womb of the body, mind and or ruach. If righteous people are within the womb, the world of the wombman,  and  those inside,  become “intent”, “captured” and “raptured” in the womb.

If wicked people live inside the womb, and in the world of the wombman in whom they reside, there will be double mindedness, wickedness, sin, control, envy,  and wickedness that becomes trapped in the womb, until she and or they are released. Understanding, innerstanding and overstanding the righteous spiritual light flows within, is a very powerful element of and for healing.

Increasing breathing, visualization, and listening skills help with sharpening , focusing and getting to the depths of the inner self to ignite healing. Knowing, under, inner and overstanding how the body has been conditioned, opens the way for self-healing, self development and self-awareness. We do agree, that Wombman have historically been the backbone of health and healing within the community. Raising Up The House of Judah, Mary Rose, stands and  abounds in Yahoshua, in Yahoshua’s grace, Raising Up The House of Judah, Raising UP YHWH Elohim and offers ALL NATURAL ORGANIC SOAPS , SPAS,  LOTIONS, BODY BUTTERS, Tassels, Creatively Crocheted Crafts, natural herbs and herbal formulas and helpful hints to contribute to life, growth, development and maturity within. To enhance the quality of health, inspired and guided by Menfes Kedus, Ruach Kadesh, Divine Mother’s wisdom, is a garden of delight, joy, prepared and fashioned out of water and fire, from Heaven.

Being aware of the body and the needs of the body, we assist in enhancing the quality of health and wellness by providing natural organic soaps, spas, lotions and other products. The Word is a natural, holistic source to health and wellness. The Word is a tool to work towards sustaining and building and nourishing overall health and wellness. Natural organic soaps, spas, lotions, body butters can be used as tools to work towards building and nourishing health and wellness.

Like a blessed, light, sweet scented flower springing forth from the root of Jesse, bursting into blossom, flowing in one accord, YHWH’s will, Raising Up The House of Judah,  bring forth good fruit, holistic health, wellness, healing and repair.

Do not fret, where there is doubt in YHWH, there is error. When ones and ones do what they do and say what they say, to dismiss, discourage, distract and destroy YHWH’s people from YHWH, rise up, raise up, stand up in righteousness, TRuth, Judgment, and  devotion. Many resources are available to study and learn Hebrew. Choose wisely. Abram, trusted YHWH and is an example for YHWH’s people. Where Yahoshua is, there is faithfulness. In faith, abound in grace towards the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  There is salvation and redemption!

Almond Cinnamon Geranium Lemon Oregano


Anise Coconut Ginger Lemongrass Neem Sandlewood
All Spice Frankincense and Myrrh Hibiscus Licorice Papaya Sheperd’s Purse
Chamomile Fennel Hyssop Walnut Peppermint Tea Tree
Yarrow Fenugreek Lavender Rosemary Rose Hips Vanilla

Castor Oil

Comfrey Root

Cucumber Lime Honey and Black Seed Vetiver Shea & Coconut Coconut and Papaya
Coconut and Lime Coconut and Lemongrass Coconut and Lemon Lemon and Ginger Orange and Rose Lavender and Coconut

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose



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