TRUTH Cleans, Purifies, Strengthens, and Illuminates

11-16-2016 , Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509


Give thanks and praises to YHWH Elohim, for all blessings, coverings and revelations that flow!  When Truth, flows into consciousness it cleanses, purifies,  strengthens, illuminates –a stream of life and light .  Jerusalem is the crown!

 During this dispensation in time, Nebuchadnezzar is revealed! As the world, flesh and devil revel in the post election results, Ezekiel 17 reveals who  Nebuchadnezzar is, in symbol, ruach, truth and reality. Nebuchadnezzar is seen in the symbol of “the great eagle”. Jehoachcin, are the young twigs. Babylonia, is the land of the merchants. The word prophesizes that,  Babylonia will be attacked, by the east wind.

 There is a second eagle- Pharaoh. For rebelling against Nebuchadnezzar, Zedekiah was blinded and exiled. 2 Kings 24:20, Jeremiah 52:3 and Ezekiel 17:15

 Metaphysically,  there is a  phase of consciousness in man wherein he can go no further in his human-reasoning processes. He must accept divine inspiration and ideas consciously, and so be raised to spiritual understanding. Spiritual understanding, aka the mountain top, to which (man) raises will either raise humanity or else man will degenerate into purely material thinking, which will lead him down into chaos and confusion-(a side, turning aside, opposition, mountain side, steep place, hillside, coast, border). It is a place in mind where one can either go up, or go down.  With the downward tendency that is the result of limited, material reasoning and belief, humanity falls. With spiritual elevation, man and humanity rises. Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari RISE UP! GET UP! STAND UP!

Blinded and exiled Zedekiah , which means uprightness of Jehovah;

righteousness of Jehovah; justice of Jah; Jah is innocent; justification of Jehovah; Jah vindicates, is a  false prophet. He made horns of iron and said to King Ahab of Israel:

“Thus says Jehovah, With these shall you push the Syrians, until they be consumed” (I Kings 22:11).  When false prophets announce  that money, power, position, “We all gotta work together”, how can two walk together, unless they agree? When they come with that type of talk, but are walking a different walk, a “satan smoke alarm should go off!”

Zedekiah was the last king of Judah before the Babylonian captivity. This king’s name was Mattaniah, but was changed to Zedekiah by the king of Babylon, who placed him on the throne of Judah in place of Jehoiachin, the two young twigs  (II Kings 24:17).

Zedekiah was and is a son of Hananiah, a prince of Judah (Jer. 36 :12). Metaphysically,  Zedekiah,  the false prophet symbolizes a belief in the uprightness and power of the Hamashiach’s Truth, but with no understanding of the necessity for conforming to divine law in order to realize the victories that come to one when Jehovah fights one’s battles. Zedekiah, king of Judah, is the ruling thought of the spiritual consciousness at a certain phase of man’s growth, development, unfolding.

The Bible story of Zedekiah is an illustration of the relation that the will (king) bears to The Divine.  Ezekiel 17:22 , Thus said Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim, “Then I will take from the crown of the lofty cedar and establish it; from the head of  the young  twigs I will crop a tender one and plant it on a high and eminent mountain. I will plant it on the mountain of the height of Israel, and it will bear branches and produce fruit and become a stately cedar; and every bird of every kind of wing will dwell under it.  They will dwell in the shade of its tendrils. And all the trees of the field will know that I, YHWH , have lowered a high tree, and have raised a low tree; I have dried up a moist tree and made blossom a dry tree- I am YHWH; I have spoken and I shall carry it out.

Jeroboam, (Heb.)–whose people is many; many people; multiplying people; adverse people; hostile people; contentious people; the people’s advocate; who pleads for the people, Jeroboam is the first king of Israel, after the ten tribes revolted and broke away from the rule of Rehoboam, Solomon’s son (I Kings 12:20).

 Metaphysically, Jeroboam symbolizes what the name implies–the people are adverse (adverse people, hostile people, contentious people). The thoughts of man are his people. The Rehoboam kingdom, called the kingdom of Judah, stands for the natural life forces of the organism, the subjective consciousness. The Jeroboam kingdom, the kingdom of Israel, signifies the intellect, or the objective consciousness. The division of the Israelites into two kingdoms represents the separation between the subjective and objective planes of consciousness.

If ones and ones have been exiled, sold into slavery or put away, widowed,  know that Abram was told to go to a land that was away from his people; Yosef was sold into slavery by his brothers and sisters , Tamar was put away, and Hirut and Nuhkamin were widows. The Royal Order of Melchizedec lives, even when Truth of who ones and ones are, is crushed to the ground!

Jeroboam’s withdrawal of the ten tribes of Israel from the kingdom of Rehoboam represents man’s withdrawal (separation) into intellectual realms of consciousness, thus leaving the life forces to express the dominant ideas in body consciousness.

This separation comes about as follows:

  1. The memory of past experiences is stored in the subjective consciousness; JEROBOAM, the “book of the law” as given by Moses.
  2. By recognition of these stored-up treasures, and by constant looking to the one true Power for help, man comes surely, step by step, into his Divine birthright: (sonship, daughtership, brother ship, sistership) with YHWH.
  3. The intellect perceives powers and possibilities beyond its present demonstration, and endeavors to make a short cut in the attainment and use of these possessions.
  4. If separation in consciousness occurs, after separation in consciousness occurs, man lives in sense consciousness so long as he fails to unify the intellect and its activities with the wisdom of the subjective mind, wherein are life forces of the organism.
  5. The ten tribes of Israel failed to prosper and grow spiritually under the leadership of Jeroboam because states of consciousness not founded on principle must be broken up and reorganized.
  6. The ten tribes, faculties of mind, had withdrawn from Judah, representing the central faculty of consciousness. This faculty operates in body consciousness through the spinal cord and finds its outer expression through the life center, which,
  7. If unregenerated, is “Judas,” who had a devil.
  8. When life is separated from the other faculties and endeavor’s expressions, without their cooperation of the other faculties, man gives himself over to his animal nature.
  9. Man works out his salvation even when he has broken the natural laws. His salvation comes through his remembering his innate spirituality.
  10. The Israelites are YHWH’s chosen people, and there is ever at the center of consciousness a divine urge to return to YHWH, and a surety that fullness of good is man’s birthright. The Spirit of truth is ever present, seeking to reveal the Son to man. Man will receive the Word when he has convinced himself that sense efforts cannot set up a personal kingdom.
  11. Jeroboam made false g ds to worship because man is inherently religious and when he turns away mentally from The Divine Mind he becomes restless. If he is being ruled by his intellect he naturally turns to the objective world and tries to deify some house of worship, a personality, material things, or an object of sense.
  12. True worship is the recognition of YHWH as The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Spirit and the realization and identification of man as a spiritual being.
  13. When man takes up the study of Truth he begins quickening of Spirit. Spiritual understanding shows man that mind and body must be united, and both thoughts and acts must come under the dominion of the spiritual I AM, the mind of Yahoshua Ben YHWH.

As the mind is opened to receive this Truth, it flows into consciousness, a cleansing, purifying, strengthening, illuminating stream of life and light (I Kings 12:633).

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

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