Go Take Unto Yourself a Wife

11-12-2016 , Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509


The initial speech of YHWH with Hosea, was, is and will be profound. YHWH said to Hosea,  ‘Go take unto yourself a wife of harlotry and (beget) children of harlotry. For the land is straying completely from following YHWH. This prophecy portrays Israel’s unfaithfulness to YHWH liken to a harlot’s infidelity to her ish (husband). Prophetically but not in real life or an actual command (for the moment) by which  YHWH overrode the law of the Torah, and marriage and births actually took place.

Beloved of YHWH, YHWH  forewarned Israel and Judah. We are not to follow after other  G d’s. Judah and Israel, we know that the method of divide and conquer and the method of operation by hasatan and his imps is to deceive, steal, kill, destroy, and or distract. They seek to divide and conquer. If Judah and Israel are divided, what happens? Psalms 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?   Measure for measure, Hosea 4:6-19 proclaims what happens to YHWH’s people who have gone astray.  Love not to invite disgrace to oneself, marriage, children, family, tribe, nation. Like a bird blown off course by a strong wind, will YHWH’s people were and   be driven into exile, ashamed that the exiled g ds could not save them.

Hosea 5:1 YHWH asks the Kohanim:Why do you not offer sacrifices on the Altar? The Kohanim replied, “Because Israel does not bring us any.” Then YHWH said to Israel, “5:7-11. Why do you not bring offerings?” Israel replied, “Because the king has blockaded the roads to Jerusalem.” So YHWH    rebuked the royal household. The sentence of punishment is upon Judah and Israel. Instead of administering justice Judah and Israel were a snare to the population who followed Judah and Israel’s examples of corruption, perversion and twisting.

Hosea 5:8-15, Plant not Ephraim’s nor Samaria’s branch of sinfulness, for YHWH will reconsider His plan to return Judah and Israel from captivity. She conceivd a son whom YHWH commanded Hosea to name Jezreel. She conceived againand bore a daughter and YHWH said to him, “Call her name Lo-ruhamah (Not Pittied) for I will no longer pity the House of Israel, that I should show them forbearance. But upon the House of Judah I will have mercy and I will save them through, I will save them by YHWH their Almighty;

The Book of Hosea has a message for every generation. Hosea, a modern day Isaiah is an overview and innerview and underview of the history of Judah and Israel. Judah and Benjamin are the two tribes who return to The Promise Land. In light of gross shortcomings, Israel remains YHWH’s Chosen people. Hosea, experienced personal torment and affliction that reflected YHWH’s own suffering and agony, loyalty and faithfulness.

Come let YHWH’s people return to YHWH for He has mangled , torn and He will Heal us (INI) ; He has smitten and He will bandage us (INI). He will heal us (INI) after two days on the third day He will raise us up and we will live before Him. (Even if our (INI)  hardship is prolonged and “incurable”, He will heal us (INI) a matter of days).  Let us (INI) know, let us (INI) strive to know YHWH like the dawn whose emergence is certain; then He will come to us (NI) like the rain, like the late rain that satiates the earth.

Like an inciter, like a baker who sleeps and in the morning burns like a blazing fire, who calls out to Yahoshua Ben YHWH? I do, We do, who love Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim! Hudah La YHWH, Hudah La YHWH, Ki Tob, Ki Laolam, Hasedu!

INI be not like a foolish dove with no understanding that foolishly flies into the trap of relying on foreign powers. YHWH directs and controls events! Turn to The Most High, turn to The One Above.

By the fury of their tongue, officers fell by the sword, and were in derision in the land of Mitzraim.  Israel forget not Yahoshua Ben YHWH, YHWH Elohim and build not temples to g ds, Judah Multiply not fortified cities, that a fire be  sent and consume. Hosea 8:14

Beeri, means my well; of a fountain, illustrious; of the principal cause; expounder. Beeri is a A Hittite, father of Judith, Esau’s wife (Gen. 26:34). b Beeri is The prophet Hosea’s father (Hos. 1:1). Metaphysically, Beeri, Hosea’s father, symbolizes the magnifying of the great well or fountain of life and Truth in consciousness  thus an aid in bringing about an understanding and realization of life and Truth. In the case of Beeri the Hittite, my well signifies the limiting of the life and truth of Spirit—which are universal, or G d qualities–to something personal for the use of the outer man in building up and sustaining the flesh consciousness.

 Beer-lahai-roi ( Gen. 24:62 and 25:11, the well Lahai-roi), be’-er-lå-hai’roi (Heb.)–the well of the living one who sees me; well of the living one that beholds me; the well of him that lives and sees me, or the well of the vision of life. A fountain of water in the wilderness (Gen. 16:7-14), “in the way to Shur,” where the angel met Hagar when she fled from Sarai. Isaac lived by the same well later (Gen. 25:11). Metaphysicaly,  The recognition by the individual that his life is divine, is spiritual (the well of the living one who sees me), and is for the whole man. Even the outer or physical man and the human aspect of the soul are sustained by the life of YHWH, the living one.

It was beside this well that Adonai met Hagar and instructed her to return to Sarai, and also blessed her son Ishmael who was to be born. Hagar represents the natural soul. Sarai represents the spiritual. Ishmael refers to the outer or flesh consciousness. Isaac symbolizes divine sonship (Isaac lived later by this well). When it is understood that there is but one life, and that it is always everywhere present in its fullness, the entire man will be lifted up into eternal life.

Beer-lahai-roi also denotes YHWH as the guiding light of both the inner and the outer man (the well of the vision of life), thus leading man to a perfect understanding of the life idea. Bereshit 26:24 When Esau was forty years old, he took a wife Judith daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath daughter of Elon the Hittite; and they were a source of spiritual rebellion to  Isaac and to Rebecca.  Basemath refers to fragrant; aromatic; spicy; sweet; pleasant. a Wife of Esau (Gen. 26:34), and a Daughter of Solomon and wife of Ahimaaz in Naphtali (I Kings 4:15). On a Metaphysical level,  The soul, or feminine, in man, in its fineness of ability to perceive, or to receive intuitively (fragrant, aromatic, pleasant; the sense of smell bespeaks perception, discrimination, intuition), spiritual understanding and guidance. Even the soul in its seemingly material aspect is intuitive, and is much quicker to feel instinctively and know the truth about things than is the outer reasoning quality, the masculine, in the individual.

Hoshea, Hosea, Yahoshua, Another name for Joshua (Deut. 32:44), a son of Elah who killed Pekah, the king of Israel, and became king in his stead (II Kings 15:30), is deliverance; safety; salvation; help. Hosea is One of those who joined Nehemiah in sealing the covenant (Neh. 10:23). The covenant signers and the covenant of the sealed are listed in Nehemiah 10,  for everyone who has knowledge and understanding.

 Metaphysically, Hosea means “save.” Joshua and Yahoshua are of the same word, along with Jah and Jehovah. “Jehovah saves.” Hoshea represents the saving grace of the inner I AM, Jehovah. In II Kings 17:2 we are told that the king by this name, Hoshea, was not so bad as his predecessors. He was weak in his faith in the power of Spirit, however, for to the militant king of

Assyria he gave presents and servile obedience. This shows how one with the saving grace of the I AM within him may weaken when attacked by materiality. The secret of this weakness is disobedience.

Hoshea “did that which was evil in the sight of Jehovah.” This “evil” is enumerated in II Kings 17:1-18 and is to be found in nearly all forms of worship. He and his people served many g ds–calves, molten images, an Asherah; they set up pillars, and served Baal; in many ways they  materialized the G d idea. When they were reprimanded for all this they “hardened their neck”; obstinacy and self-will was their response.

History shows that all great religions were spiritual at their beginnings and became material with age. This tendency holds good in the evolution of the soul, and should be headed off by an increased devotion to Truth and The Almighty of Spirit every time the tendency to drop into material ways of thought is observed. This weakness of the soul for materialism is not in accordance with divine law, but pertains to a certain phase of soul evolution.

Ample provision has been made for all who keep the eye of faith on the absolute good; the “gates of hell” shall not prevail against, the host of heaven.

Remember the Torah of Moshe, My servant, which I commanded him at Horeb for all of Israel-its decrees and its statutes. Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of YHWH. And he will turn back to YHWH the hearts of fathers with their son and the hearts of sons with their fathers.

Ihit Akhotee ISis,

Mary Rose



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