Realizing How Limited Human Wisdom is, Trust in YHWH


10-30-2016 , Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509

Rosh Chodesh Blessings! (This article was written several days ago. Due to technical difficulties, there was a delay in it being published. YHWH get the glory, honor and praise)!.

Trust in YHWH’s Faithfulness and Grace., realizing  how limited human wisdom is. Misgana, Todah Rabbah, Give thanks that YHWH covers YHWH’s people!  In Proverbs 30,  Solomon, the collector of understanding, spoke prophecy, and said “Because YHWH was with him, he was able”. 5.  Every word of YHWH  is pure, refined; He is a shield to those who trust in Him. Do not add to His words, lest He test ones and ones and find that ones and ones deceived and ones and ones be found a liar.

What happens if the path you are traveling, ones with whom you are traveling change, and or turn? What happens if experience turns from sugar to “Sugar Honey Ice Tea”.  If one has been abused, the word says to remain aloof: and if you have thoughts of responding in kind, put your hand to your mouth.  When ones and ones walk in trust of YHWH, ones and ones are covered.  That covering is a shield against the cunning serpent .

In Genesis/Bereshit 3:1-6, the serpent has a conversation with Eve, Ewa. Because the serpent was talking with Ewa, that  meant that Ewa was alone and uncovered.  The cunning serpent placed ideas, thoughts and suggestions in Ewa’s mind to suggest rebellion and deceit against YHWH. The suggestion was that the tree was desirable as a means to wisdom.

The tree of good and evil is not the desirable means to wisdom, it is a result of wisdom. There is wisdom of YHWH, which is a pure wisdom, innocent, upright, just and devoted to YHWH. There is wisdom of the world, flesh and devil matrix, which is evil, guilty, crooked, unjust and selfish.

Prior to accepting the way, truth and light as a Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari, what was life like for Hirut, the Moabite? Moabites were very strong and wealthy. They sacrificed their children to molec  to find and have (jobs, opportunity, connections, special perks). Hirut was a Moabite princess. But when and after she accepted  her Hebrew Israelite husband, and his family in Yahoshua, her life would change forever. She married, a man who introduced her to a new way of life and living. He brought her out of the Goyin Gentile matrix into a new way of life and living as a Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari.  Life prospects in width, depth and height must have seemed breathtaking. However, after marriage, shortly thereafter her husband died.

Surely, her mother in law had checked her out and saw and noticed that she (Hirut) was set upon cleaving to her mother in law and her way of life, in that, she decided upon and resolved to continue in the way that her husband had led her. Hirut and her mother in law and sister in law had become widows. Hirut decided to go with Nukhamin. Forsaking her own biological family, friends, and life she embarked upon a journey of return to Bethlehem of Judah, with her mother in law.

Nukhamin repeatedly told Hirut and her sister in law, Opah, whose husband also died, to go back to their mother’s houses.  Hirut must have been hurt and confused as was Nukhamin. Both had experienced death of their husband’s,  men who provided for them and to whom they were committed.  What was Hirut’s ailment? Doublemindedness? Lack of focus? Her mother in law, encouraged both Hirut and Opah to return to their mothers. Maybe Nukhamin felt and or perceived that neither of the women were any good. Nukhamin continually  encouraged both Ruth and  Opah  to go back to their people.

Opah went back to her people. But Hirut stayed with her mother in law. Did circumstance of housing, transportation, food, clothes, shelter and other earthly matters play any part in how , when, what and where Hirut and Nuhkhamin would go and what they would or would not do? Of course, their livelihood, before they became widows was covered by their husbands. Did Hirut and Nukhamin have access to other family members, other kinsman who at their most distraught time would be available to them? Although Nukhamin insisted that Hirut return to her mother’s house, Hirut was devoted and sincere to be with her mother in law, to accept  Nukhamin’s people and Almighty Power.

Nukhamin was silent and quieted herself from speaking; the two of them went till they had reached Bethlehem.

One can imagine, one of the hardest things for Hirut and Nukhamin (Ruth and Naomi) to do was to remain faithful and true to Nukhamin’s way of life,  in the face of such distraught and disturbing matters.  As Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari, given the circumstances and shittuations that befell them, and we of today, how do we sustain? It is thru trust in and acceptance  of Yahoshua.

One could ask many questions. One of which is did Hirut  and her husband enjoy at least one year of Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari celebrations , life and love together?  The women  were left as two women, uncovered in the world. Nukhamin’s way of life provides covering through marriage, children and family in YHWH. The new way of life  was the way that Hirut also embraced, but that was quickly taken away. She may have had a good time, but not a long time.

Nuhkamin’s  sustainer must have been very angry with her because she and Hirut were debased, distressed,  emptied, embarrassed and humbled after the death of their husbands. The Almighty Sustainer must have been very angry with Nuhkamin and Hirut because they  no longer had relations with their husbands, sons and their livelihood would have to develop. Was Hirut and Nukhamin lied to, lied on, did they lie, in the face of all the adversarial experiences they faced?  The people of Bethlehem asked what happened to Nukhamin, when they saw the conditon she and her daughter in law were in.

The serpent had begun talking with Ewa, in the garden because Ewa must have been alone and uncovered. Cunning serpent placed ideas, thoughts and suggestions in minds of women from the beginning of time till today. Those thoughts suggest rebellion and deceit against YHWH.  The suggestion in the beginning was  that the tree of good and evil was desirable as a means to wisdom. With Hirut and Nukhamin, what thougths did hasatan try to plant in their minds?

Were they deceived? Were they liars and punished for being  deceived and or deceivers and found to be liars? Was YHWH so displeased with Nukhamin ish, Elimilech for not doing what he was supposed to do, that he punished him and all of his family, with death?  His two sons died and left  their wives, widows.  Where were the widows to go, and what were they to do?  Were they turned around, turned away, deceived by life, and or fate?

Were matters constructed in such a way to cause Hirut and her mother in law to experience unbearable, hardship and abuse after their husband’s had died? How much uncovered were they and how many times did they face hostility both within and without?  When YHWH covers YHWH’s people, the covering is because of love. YHWH is gracious and covers. The covering of the Kinsman redeemer is known and provided, even when in life we face the hardest of times. Both women were probably “toe up from the floor up and beat up from the feet up”, by the time they reached Bethlehem of Judah. Knowing the truth, sets YHWH’s people free. Being set  free from fetters, and walking by faith, sustained.

Hirut could walk by faith and not by sight, with her mother in law, come what may. Hirut  could not have fully engaged all full aspects of life and love, in the time she was married to her first husband, but in faith, and being covered, she  was able to find true joy and happiness in  marriage to Boaz.

When Nuhkamin and Hirut  arrived in Bethlehem, it was after all the reapers had reaped the fields. That speaks to the speed with which they arrived, the timing, is liken to a period after seeds had been planted, crops came forth, harvesting manifested and what was left was what they had access to.  They may have appeared as “outcast”  from the community. They may have appeared as low life.

Hirut asked her mother in law to allow her to go to the farmland to glean grain. Her mother in law told her to go! Farmland are places that have boundaries and on which, order , commands  and life are guided by the head of the Farm. The landowner, is the one who gives instructions for what is to happen on that land. Just as Yahoshua taught the following parables to his disciples, message of each of the parables can be seen in the fulfillment of Hirut and Nuhkamin’s lives on the farmland.

The parable of the grain of mustard seed, Matthew 13:31-32,  the parable of the sower of good seed, the Son of man, Matthew 13:36-43, the parable of the treasure in a field, Matthew 13: 44, the parable of the merchant man seeking goodly pearls found in Matthew 13:45-46, the parable of the scribe found in Matthew 13:52,  the parable of the man traveling into a far country, Matthew 25:4-23, and  the anointment of Yahoshua by Mary of Bethany, Matthew 26: 6-13.

Because of timing and other factors, which implicitly express that the first crops of the land had already been harvested, that meant that the crop left, after the reapers had reaped,  was what  remained to be harvested. Ruth was collecting what was left behind after the reapers. Imagine,  a former Moabite princess, whose life became relegated to gleaning after what was left to be harvested. Imagine, her mother in law’s and her own massive and intense grief, after  death.

By chance,  Hirut happened upon the farmland, on Boaz’s farm. Boaz was a near relative of Nukhamin’s. Hirut  was given instructions , by Boaz, her mother in law’s  nearest kinsman redeemer that required her to remain in a certain place, drink vinegar,  glean, collect, pick up, assemble behind  the reapers.

Boaz said to Hirut:

  1. Are you listening?
  2. Do not go to another farm to glean the gleanings and from here go not to and fro, however draw close to the maid-servants
  3. Pay careful attention to the place wherein they reap, and follow after them.
  4. I have ordered the young men not to trouble you
  5. When you are thirsty, go to the vessels and drink the water that the young men have drawn from the well.

Boaz, had been informed of Hirut’s actions by elders in the gate. Had they spoken truthfully about her and her deeds? “Pioni Alimony”, a name I coined for the one who scripture states was the near relation that Boaz spoke to about buying Nukhamin’s land parcel, was a kinsman. Pioni Alimony was first in line to buy Nukhamin’s land parcel she was putting up for sale.  He, Pioni Alimony,  agreed to buy Nukhamin’s land parcel, but when he heard that he would also acquire Hirut, he declined the offer. What!!!

What was and or whaat had become such a reproach in and or on  Hirut, such that Hirut, was looked upon as a plague although the word says that she was a beautiful Moabawitu. (a beautiful Moabite Princess before she converted)?

Boaz spokekndly to her,he granted her grace. Having fallen on her forehead, Hirut prostrated upon the land, to and for Boaz. She said to him, “As for me to receive,in what matter have I found grace in your face? Are not I a stranger?

She must have been treated like a stranger, and perceived a stranger, for her to ask such a question. But in the face of all adversity, TRuth (Hirut) , Rose! Truth Rises! No matter how many times TRuth  (Hirut) was or is crushed to the ground, TRuth (Hirut) always rises.

Was Hirut an adulterous woman? Was she perceived as such?  How many times have ones and ones fallen short, repented and rose up?  How many times have ones and ones  been falsely accused of one thing and or another? How does one rise above such matters?  Once one has been received by, and accepted by Yahoshua Ben YHWH, Original humanity and divinity of YHWH  Elohim in,  The Fatherhood of HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I,   YHWH’s  Son Yahoshua Ben YHWH, and Menfes Kedus, Ruach Kadesh, Holy Spirit,  have received, experienced, and accepted  The Father, Son, and Menfes Kedus, YHWH Eloheinu’s call, intent and purpose is being fulfilled in heaven , in earth, in the land.

Yahoshua Is King! Yahoshua is Ruler, As HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I, the last ruling monarch of Ethiopia, and Menfes Kedus, Ruach Kadesh, Divine Mother’s Ruach is in YHWH’s people  rule in humanity and divinity.  Righteous rulership must be Respected, Rahspected and Remembered! YHWH  reigns!

If Yahoshua said to go away,  then go. If Yahoshua said to come, then come.  If you are destined for destruction,  who can save you, but YHWH Elohim?  If you are unclean, who can clean you, but YHWH?  How are you able to serve Yahoshua, YHWH Elohim  outside of marriage, children and family?  How can one live and love?  Hirut and Nuhkamin’s journey of return, offers a light that shines in the darkest hour.

How do you keep a clean and pure heart, when life and love are taken away? YHWH’s goodness and kindness, grace and faithfulness are pronouncements that endure. Dispersed ones, bring YHWH offerings as Hirut, brought forth offerings, after the reapers, uncovered to a degree, until Boaz redeemed and married her.  That marriage provided full coverage, insurance for a life time!

Realize  how limited human wisdom is, Trust in YHWH’s Faithfulness and  Grace.

Ihit Ahkotee,   Mary Rose

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