Raising Up The House of Judah (Hirut, Ruth, Rut) Naomi’s (Nuhkamin’s) Daughter in Law Offer

10-24-2016, Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509

Greetings! 2 Samuel 22!

Messianic Ethiopian Hebrew Israelite Rastafari Family, You are invited to the to the farming, undeveloped, unindustrialized, agricultural field and products Raising Up The House of Judah (Hirut, Ruth, Rut) has available! Yes,  David sang a song to YHWH in the day YHWH Elohim delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul, he said: “YHWH Elohim, Igzi Abher is my Rock : in him will  I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my savior: who saves me from violence.”He sent from above, and took me, drew me out of many waters. He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me, for they were too strong for me. For who is the Almighty? Save YHWH Elohim, Igzi Abher, and who is a rock, save our Almighty! In humanity and Divinity, Yahoshua Ben YHWH redeems and saves. Father in humanity and divinity, HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I, Menfes Kedus, Ruach Kadesh, Divine Mother be praised.

Yahoshua must be lifted up, as was the serpent was lifted up in the wilderness by Moshe. There was and is a standard that was and is to be lifted up. Just as we hail up our ice, gold and green flag with the mighty lion of the tribe of Judah on it, standard of all aspects of life and livity must be raised and must operate, cooperate, collectively within.  Yahoshua speaks to family, disciples and those who have been destined to destruction, providing instruction on life and love. He is our kinsman redeemer of the lost, left , black sheep of the House of Israel, at home and abroad. In His humanity and Divinity, HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I represents the Fatherhood of the Kadosh Triune.

HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie lifted up a standard of operating, when he went before the UN and petitioned the UN, amidst, their snickering, avoidance, ignorance, ignoring his plea for “collective security” and to condemn the use of chemical weapons, mustard bombs blessed by the Pope, dropped by Italy on Ethiopia during the Second Italian-Ethiopian War.  What lessons can be drawn from the past and present that will be good for ones and ones, near and far, that enemies not arise above YHWH Elohim?

Clearly there were those both of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church and the state, and other forces who were working behind the scenes against HIM.  However, as Emperor from 1930-1974, He served as Chair of the Organization of African Unity. Multilaterialism that he sought with the UN, he focused with African Nations. He sought unity amongst the African Nations that had been colonized.

The Mesafint, prince , of noble heredity, of the ruling class, and the Mekwanint, governors, appointed nobles, who enjoyed great influence and power, were appointed by the monarch.  From Ras to Balambaras , power, precedence, and rank, followed parallel rules of precedence. History accounts for what happened as HIM Qedamawi Haile Selassie I was seeking balance, and modernizing reforms between the two.

Before there can be national security, there must be one accord, collective, cooperative, shared family security, safety, refuge.  YHWH’s healing, salvation and restoration raises up the hearts of men, accorded dignity that YHWH Elohim’s people who have either been born of royalty and or appointed to royalty, after having been crushed by repeated blows, raise, rise, heal and stand!  Raising Up The House of Judah provides helpful hints of natural ways of healing. Raising Up The House of Judah, (Hirut, Ruth, Rut)  Nukamin, Naomi’s daughter in law, offers New Body herbs and herbal formulas.

As required: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice or instruction. If you need medical   assistance, Contact a medical practitioner. You do have the right to take action based on the information on this website and forthcoming information and helpful hints without consulting a medical practitioner. In such a case, you alone are responsible for the outcome of the action taken.

For more information and good of the tree, roots or even any herb branches,  send forward request. Helpful Hints available at raisingupthehouseofjudah.wordpress.com include:


Back Pain

See Arthritis

Bee Sting and Insect Bites

Comfrey and Fenugreek

Blood Purifier

Freed-om, Astragalus, Burdock, Dandelion, Yucca, Sarsaparilla, Hyssop, Pau D Arco, Chaparral, Yellow Dock, Red Clover, Golden Seal

Bronchitis-(See Respiratory)
Bad Breath-Alfalfa, CKLS, DA, Goldenseal, Parsley Bladder-Uva Ursi, Red Clover, Hydrangea, Devil’s Claw Boils-(See Blood Purifiers0 Bruises—ART, Vitamin C,

Comfrey and Fenugreek


HIR, Nettle, Horsetail, Sage

Bleeding-Nettle, (Internal and External) Horsetail, (internal) Brain-Gotu Kola, Gingko, and Gotu Kola, FE-Y, Gingko, GGFC Burns

Comfrey and Fenugreek, Slippery Elm, Aloe Vera


Uva Ursi, Horsetail, St. John’s Wort

Blood Pressure

BP-1, BP-2, Garlic, Hawthorn, He-rt, Butcherrs Broom, Dong Quai, Valerian, Gotu Kola, Capsicum

Breast-(See Female Problems) Bursitis- (See Arthritis)         


Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose


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