Ecclesiastes Chapters 7-12

10-23-2016, Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509

Chag Sameaach! Happy Holiday! Happy Sukkot!

The best course, is to store up spiritual wealth which will definitely live on beyond you, INI, as Ecc. Chapter 7, In the view of incurable evil of man, teaches, that a good name is better than good oil. A superior, good name is better than good oil. A good reputation will preserve a deceased person’s memory more effectively than precious oils will preserve his body. It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for that is the end of all man and the living should take it to heart. It is better to listen to the rebuke of a wise man than to listen to the folly, and songs of fools. Fools laugh like crackling thorns under a pot. Have you ever been around someone who laughs at things that are not funny and who is foolish? That one is like a fool laughing like crackling thorns under a pot.

The end of a matter is better than its beginning. The best is yet to come!  Patience is better than pride. We are not to be hastily upset, because anger lingers in the bosom of fools. We are not to say that former times are better than these, for that is not a question or statement that is  prompted by wisdom.  Wisdom is good with an inheritance. If a scholar is self-supporting, he can immerse himself in his studies. To sit in the shelter of wisdom is to sit in the shelter of money, and advantage of knowledge is wisdom that preserves the life of its possessors.

Observe YHWH’s doing! YHWH gave man life so he can act righteously. Who can right his wrongs after death? When things go well, be pleased. Reflect in times of misfortune. YHWH has made the one as well as the other so that man should find nothing after HIM. All punishment is in response to man’s deeds. YHWH deals strictly with the righteous to atone for the righteous sins, so that the righteous will not require punishment in the Hereafter. YHWH defers punishment of the wicked because he is waiting for the wicked to repent, or He may be rewarding their good deeds in this world so that the wicked will not enjoy the bliss of the World to come. We are not to be overly righteous nor excessively wise and be left desolate. There is no man so wholly righteous on earth that he always does good and never sins.  Be not overly wicked nor be a fool and die before your time.

YHWH’s people are not to pay attention to everything men say, in case you hear your own servant disparaging you. For your own conscience knows that many times you yourself disparaged others.

Tested in wisdom, I thought I could become wise, but it is beyond me. What existed is elusive and so very deep. Who can fathom it? A Proverbs 31 woman is a woman to be praised. I read Proverbs 31 almost every 7 days. For in Proverbs 31 are instructions that were given to Lemuel and a blueprint for virtuous women. Women who entice men to evil, are women who are snares, whose heart is nets, whose arms are chains. He who is pleasing to YHWH escapes her but the sinner is caught by her.

Solomon was called “Lemuel” a compound of Lemu and el, meaning “belonging to YHWH”.  Koheles, testifies what he found, by adding one wife and then another, and then another, what he sought, he did not find. Of his 700 wives and 300 concubines Solomon cleaved to for love, he regrets because they led him into sin. I Kings 11:3. YHWH made man simple. Man sought many intrigues.

Chapter 8 expresses who is like the wise man? Wisdom lights up a mans face. We are encouraged to obey the king’s command, not to hasten to leave his presence, and not to persist in an evil thing, for he can do whatever he pleases. A king’s word is law. Who would ask the king, “What are you doing?” Whoever and Whatever the king desires, accept! When one accepts and obeys the king’s command, the word says he will know no evil; and a wise mind will know time and justice. For everything has its time and justice.

An evil, rejected, turned around and or turned away one does not know what will happen, for when it happens, who will tell him? There is a time when one man rules over another to his detriment. The wicked are buried in shalom and they come into the world a second time, Their children live on after them. The righteous who die without children become forgotten. Futility in exercise and good deeds of the righteous that is forgotten. The wicked die in shalom and leave a legacy of evil.

In chapter 8 verses 11-13 Solomon, Koheles, Lemuel affirms his faith in YHWH, Who rewards the righteous and punishes the sinner. A delay in punishment tends to strengthen the tendency of wickedness. Eating and drinking signify Torah and good deeds which sustain the soul. When presented with the prosperity of the wicked and the suffering of the righteous, take heed of Chapter 8:14-9:12. In Chapter 9:2, death awaits all men in this world, intelligent people realize there is a difference between good and evil people in the now and the Hereafter. The dead can not perform good deeds. Chapter 9 verse 8 One should always be in a state of spiritual preparedness. YHWH governs man, under the sun, the world is transitory, the race does not go to the swift nor to the strong. This has affected Lemuel , as it has affected me profoundly. A scrawny, frail human body is like a small town, conquered by a mighty king, evil inclination. The disparaged, laughed at, belittled, mocked, good inclination saves the town, but is often discarded, thrown away, abandoned, and rejected. The gentle words of the wise are heard above the shouts of a king over fools, and wisdom is better than weapons, but a single rogue can ruin a great deal of good.

Chapter 10 is a series of one sentence proverbs. A fool  will place himself in   danger, while a wise man will guard himself. There is nothing in this world that is acquired without toil and some inherit danger. While traveling in this world, ask for directions. A fool persists onward to the point of exhaustion. 10:15. Irresponsible leaders indulge in revelry, loud and noisy alcohol filled festivities, unconcerned with the welfare of the state. They should attend to the needs of the people. Chapter 10:16. Condemn slothfulness. Seek righteous guidance. Encourage industry. Lazy people do not earn a living. 10:19. Abundance and absence of affliction; money afflicts all and causes suffering.

Chapter 11:1 Charity should be given to strangers, kindness does not go unrewarded, wickedness does not go unrepaid. Chapter 11:4 Waiting for ideal conditions, ones work will never get done. Similarly when one gives charity and does good deeds, be not too suspicious or prudent, too sensible.11:7’  Sweet is the light, while one can still enjoy the light of day.  Solomon warns rebellious, pleasure seeking youth, that Judgment is forthcoming.

Chapter 12 s a warning that people should use their youthful years wisely. Old age and physical decline, near death is liken to the malfunctioning machinery of a well. The spine snaps, the skull shatters, the stomach breaks and the body is smashed. All is futile! All of Solomon’s words are alluded to in the Word of Truth. The conclusion  is to fear YHWH with every limb and organ, for that is man’s whole duty.

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

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