10-21-2016, Hebrew 5777, Ethiopic 7509

El Shaddai, said to bring out the children of Israel from Mitzraim, Egypt, bondage! For the children of Israel to come out of Mitzraim, YHWH provided medicine for the children of El Shaddai. Moses’ rod with the serpent, was a symbol of healing for YHWH’s, El Shaddai’s people.  To be let go to serve YHWH after many of YHWH’s people were afflicted, YHWH Eloheinu provided herbs for the healing of the nations.  Moses’ cast his rod as a serpent in the wilderness, as that rod was lifted up, so shall the Son of Man, Yahoshua Ben YHWH be lifted up.

Cannabis, an herb given to YHWH’s people and for the healing of the nations, became a symbolic herb, representing the tree of good and evil. The land became corrupted and abominable by Pharaoh and his army. Pharaoh and his army altered genetic and environmental factors of cannabis. Their alterations, arranged a cannabis plant to become male or female, that could alter it’s sexual expression. As opposed to male and female cannabis plants that are naturally occurring monoecious ( plants that reproduce form and structure ) of those parts of plants directly connected with sexual reproduction. Pharaoh and his army have a pharmacology that artificially induces hermaphrodites plants. They produce and sale the hormonal and DNA gene altering plants. Their plants of cannabis are liken to “seedless” grapes and “seedless” watermelon”. They eliminate the need of seeds for the growing process of cannabis. They clone animals, plants, herbs, food, and humans. THEY HAVE GONE TOO FAR!

Cannabis contains “psychoactive elements”. Psycho means mind. Cannabis is  mind active sacred medicine. However, cannabis like much of what Pharaoh and his army put their hand to, is corrupt. Cannabis can be used for sacramental purposes, for cooking, paints, fiber, lamps, nutrients, medicinal and recreational purposes. Much of what has been promoted about the use of cannabis list medicinal and recreational purposes.  Pharaoh and his army, the government and pharmaceutical companies, have planned how to clone, prepare, industrialize products, consume, sell, smoke, vapor, orally, via tinctures, teas and ointments, cannabis. Cannabis that has not been corrupted is an herb that YHWH gave for the healing of the nations. For Pharaoh and his army to “profit” from the cloning, production, control, distribution, industrialization, of cannabis can be seen in many products that are “legally” sold in store and amongst merchants, according to the world, flesh and devil matrix.

When that plant, that herb appears as evil is when black and brown, lost and found, Ethiopian Hebrews possess, use, distribute the same herb, from which Pharaoh and his army profit. Read articles where media publish about their “profits”, “ The next big billion-dollar cannabis markets investors are rushing to”, an article written by Chris Morris, posted on  www.cnbc/2016/10/21 . “Globally $150 billion was spent last year on marijuana, said Scott L. Greiper president of Viridian Capital Advisors. Almost all of that was done illegally”. IF that was the amount of money that was made against the laws of man, how much more was made by laws of Pharaoh? They purport that “Canada is the most mature of the legal  cannabis marketplaces in the world”. Damian Marley, Bob Marley’s youngest son, has a vision for marijuana to be manufactured in a Coalinga California empty prison that was closed in 2011. Marley’s cannabis products “called Speak Life” will wholesale products to dispensaries. Dan Dalton, Marley’s manager and Casey Dalton’s “brother said he also hoped the public would view the Coalinga project as a kind of protest of the criminal justice system. “This is symbolic and a big middle finger to the drug war and to a broken system that hasn’t worked  for a long time now he said.”   Are ones and ones able to see between the lies, between the lines? Are ones and ones able to see truth?

Exodus from Mitzraim, open your eyes, movement of Jah’s people, is a movement to, in and with Zion for YHWH’s, El Shadai, YHWH Eloheinu, Jah Rastafari’s people. Moses’ cast his rod as a serpent in the wilderness, as that rod was lifted up, so shall the Son of Man, Yahoshua Ben YHWH be lifted up.

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

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