That I Had Wings Like a “Black Dove” For Then I Would Fly Away and Be at Rest


YHWH Elohim would have me to do….That I had wings like a “Black Dove” for then I would fly away and be at rest.


When Yahoshua Ben YHWH, The Savior, revealed himself,  he like a black dove brought forth love, wisdom, forgiveness, judgment, and salvation. In color, consciousness, spirit, truth and reality Yahoshua’s skin is like bronze. In modern day vernacular, “Yahoshua was, is and always will be black/brown”.  Images of the early Coptic church had not been “white washed” with images of a goyin and gentile looking messiah, Mary and the angels (malakim-Hebrew). Images of the Hamashiach, in the Coptic, “museums in Cairo”, are images that more accurately reflect Yahoshua’s true color.  Why is Yahoshua’s color and images of importance? The change in his color and image can be seen as a type of “wartime propaganda”. Because of the brainwashing that has taken place, as a result of “white inferiority posing as superiority”.

“Black face” is a type of propaganda and mockery of black history. Wicked Romans would, can and do lie and justify what they have done. Documentation and truth reveal them to be liars. Black folk go to church and do a song and dance and pay the “pimp pastor” for the “feel good” musical entertainment under their “gospel”. Black or white oppressors are oppressors, non-the less. Mega churches know what they can talk about and what they cannot. Co-intel pro scholarship accelerates the false agenda of goyins and gentiles against truth. People are left in a state of virtual hopelessness because of the lies that have been told.

Real blackness of Yahoshua’s humanity and divinity is that he is The Sovereign Savior of YHWH’s people. All other’s are regarded as enemies of YHWH, and according to the Word, would be scattered. Haters, rebellious and stiff necked ones against YHWH’s presence and image have sought and seek to take the image and name of YHWH off everything and everyone who belongs to YHWH. Righteousness of the Order of Melchizedec, stands. John 14:22, Judas said to him, not Iscariot, Adonai how is it that you will manifest thyself to us and not to the world. Yahoshua showed himself to whom he wanted to show himself.  He concealed himself from whom he wanted to conceal himself.

Yahoshua  said, that if a man loves me, he will keep my words and my father will love him and we will love him. YHWH’s people must earnestly contend for the faith delivered to the saints.

The world, flesh and devil seeks to deceive, steal, kill and destroy YHWH’s people. However, the Universal Father, Son and Ruach Kadesh, does hear and answer prayers of YHWH’s people. In daily spiritual warfare, know that the battle does not go to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures to the end. What would YHWH Elohim have you and I to do……That you(INI) had wings like a “Black Dove”, for then you, (INI) would fly away and be at rest.

Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

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