Creative Arts, Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops


Psalms 103:3 “Who forgives all our (INI) iniquities. Who heals all INI  diseases. (broken hearts, bruises, and wounds)

Raising Up The House of Judah product and services offers Creative Arts, Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops.

1. All classes are one hour

  1. All classes employ a holistic approach to help participants reach their health and wellness, creative arts, and or educational goal.

Health and Wellness Classes

  1. Natural herbs and herbal formulas
  2. Detoxing
  3. Holistic Food Pyramid; Wild Food, Organic food and (gardening), Natural food, Low quality “food”-gmos
  4. Midwifery
  5. Crocheting-Because of the class design and to maximize outcome from classes and workshops, students are encouraged to attend at least 3 classes as a minimum commitment. Crochet and quilting classes and workshops require a period of time for projects to be planned, organized and completed. Time of workshops and classes are based on the project selected. A 10 “Sistah” minimum is required for Crochet and quilting classes. Donation requested for each “Sistah” is $7 per class, until October 25, 2016 for people who receive public assistance. Regular donation for Crochet and Quilting classes are $10 per person, per class.  Cost for materials for Crochet and or Quilting classes is $25. This $25 material cost is added, if  you do not have material. If you have materials, “Sistah” bring them! Your donation will be just for class. We will creatively work it! Special crocheted items may be purchased.
  6. Quilting
  7. Home School Tutoring (by appointment only) . Holistic Tutoring Services provides adult/children with Torah/Scripture based principles, values, laws commandments and statues. Learning is fun through Home Study Tutoring and Creative Learning Processes. A formalized approach to assessing, implementing and evaluating reading comprehension, math, writing, social, political, and human studies, Hebrew alephbet, successful strategies used to teach, train children, imaginative, inspired, artistic, inventive one-on-one and or group approach to developing an understanding of basic concepts, building specific skills, building confidence, inspiring motivation for younger and older students. Homeschooling/private tutoring service are designed for children ages 2 and up. All lessons origin in Torah, The Scriptures. Activities and methods of instructions are guided by reality and needs of the child and parent. Instruction nor instructor certified through US government nor US political institution. Instructor is a master level instructor. References are provided.
  8. Economic opportunity available through distributorship

Psalms 141:4 Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to practice wicked works with men that work iniquity and may I not eat of their dainties, pleasure feast.


  1. Incorporate a healthful food intake filled with fruits and vegetables and low on unsaturated fats, sugars and processed foods.
  2. Kegel exercises can be done to improve circulation to tissues. A kegel exercise is performed by pulling up all the muscles around the vagina (for women) and aroud the scrotum and anus for males. Repeat this movement 10 times. Try doing this “invisible” exercise 5-6 times daily. Saw Palmetto is a good starting place for men suffering from prostate enlargement. Zinc has been used to support a healthy prostate.

Raising Up The House of Judah provides  this information for educational purposes. If medical assistance is needed, consult your medical practitioner. You do have the right to take action to heal and repair. You are responsible for the result of the actions you take. Our  website, Raising Up The House of Judah, books,  products and services are not intended to replace, or substitute for services and opinions of your physician. You are advised to maintain & enjoy an ongoing relationship with a concerned and caring, whole person qualified oriented, physician. Information on, our  website, in our books,  products and services may be shared to adopt a optimally healthy lifestyle. This information is not intended to prescribe or diagnose or make claims for medical advice directly or indirectly.

I am a distributor of New Body Products. If you are interested in any of the herbs, products and services that Raising Up The House of Judah provides, text – . We offer a variety of 100% veggiecaps herbs and herbal formulas. Topics covered include: thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes, irregular menstruation, polycystic ovarian syndrome, back pain to name a few.


Note that the makers of pharmaceuticals tell you that their products can cause serious side effects! Would a righteous maker of a product, produce, provide and promote product that the producer KNOWS will cause negative, unwanted side effects? Reading comprehension to understand how they address the side affects as well as if one chooses to take the pharmaceutical drug. Take for example, the makers of Lipitor, post that taking Lipitor can cause serious muscle problems. Those problems can lead to kidney problems-kidney failure. Taking lipitor can cause liver problems. Other noted side effects include: weakness, tenderness, pain that happens without a good reason, swelling of the face, lips, tongue and or throat. Difficulty breathing and swallowing that require immediate attention including nausea, vomiting, dark colored urine, stomach pain.


Consider what, why, when and how you eat. A holistic approach offers  a more natural and less expensive means to manage symptoms. Natural herbal holistic alternative include mistletoe, cayenne, chamomile, fennel, hawthorne berries,  rosemary. Results in increase in calcium, magnesium, potassium. Do not take rosemary on an ongoing basis. After trying chamomile, if you have an allergic reaction, avoid it altogether.

Eat for your health and livity! Consistently consume food that has nutritional value. If it is natural, organic and uncontaminated, if it comes from the ground, it should be sound. Consume fresh, wild, natural, and or organic fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of alkaline water.

Wendim, Ahks, Brothers and or Ihitoch, Ahkotee who care for Wendim, Ahks, Brothers prostates, incorporate healthful food intake filled with lots of fruits and vegetables and low on unsaturated fats, sugars and processed foods. Kegel exercises, can be done to improve circulation to these tissues. For males suffering from prostate enlargement, saw palmetto is the place to start. Zinc, has been used to support a healthy prostate. Nettle and pygeum have been shown to be effective in relieving symptoms associated with enlarged prostates They can be used alone or in conjunction with saw palmetto. The herb Damiana is a part of a wellness program. Hydrangea is a her that supports the urinary system, where it is known to promote the overall health  of the prostate gland and helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Anti-oxidants-supplemenation with vitamins A, C, E, and Selenium.  


Ihit Ahkotee,

Mary Rose

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