Teaching, Logic, Reason and Judgment

September 9, 2016

Solomon, in the book of Proverbs, provides  a collection of sayings of divine wisdom that is applied to earthly matters, material and conditions of YHWH’s people. Solomon gathered and orderly arranged the sayings of logic, reason, and judgment. To sons, praise wisdom. Folly is sinful, heed warnings and instructions. Perceive words of understanding. Fear YHWH because it is the beginning of knowledge.  Proverbs 1: 1-7. And these words that YHWH commanded INI ( YHWH’s Sons and Daughters) shall be in INI heart. In YHWH’s  presence and or if YHWH has turned away from YHWH’s people, YHWH has been merciful, faithful and gracious. All the Way, Truth, Light,  Word,  gifts and talents that have been given, we are instructed to exercise to  teach diligently to INI (our) children. Devarim/Deuteronomy 6:4-9. More than anyone else, YHWH’s people must be the righteous example and set righteous example by acknowledging YHWH’s kindness.

YHWH has granted Yahoshua, him his heart’s desire, and the utterance of his lips. YHWH has not withheld. YHWH’s salvation greatly exalts because YHWH has granted him his hearts desire,  Psalms 21. As we approach the Ethiopian New Year, may YHWH’s will be done!

Parents and ones and ones who support home school, are looking for home school success.  Fundamentally activity to teach in home school involves, obedience to YHWH’s way, logic, knowledge and judgment. Reasonings includes at basic levels reading comprehension, writing, arithmetic, logic, art, science, geography.  Here are some recipes for activities to help parents who home school and children who are home schooled succeed. These recipes may be modified for school aged children. Recipes, formulas, guidelines and instructions for newborn to adult education activity, YHWH’s will is forthcoming.

LOGIC- Descriptionary

Ingredients: pencil, paper. Describe an object for your child to guess the object  you are thinking about. Write clues that describe the object. For example, if the object is a cup, you might write clues such as  “round jug, and water”. Give each clue one at a time  to help your child name the item, you might say, “my object is a dish. It is round like a jug and it can hold water”. Do not say the word “cup” or any part of the name of the object you are describing. Continue giving clues until your child guesses the correct  object. Then your child gets to think of an item and make up clues for you. If you have more than one child, then give each child an opportunity to guess. The first one to guess and or the correct answer (for children who may be delayed in giving the correct answer first, they are not excluded from giving clues, because you give them an opportunity to give the correct answer. The more often you play, the sharper their description vocabulary becomes and logic skills are built by their reasonments and judgments of what the object is.

Science-Salt Water

Ingredients: pencil, paper, 2 cups, marker, water, salt. Does salt water freeze? Have your child fill two cups halfway with water. Allow the child to add 1 tbsp of salt to one. Have the child to write salt water on that cup.  Put them both in the freezer. After an hour, have the child compare the to cups. Have the child to write and explain the answer to “Did the water in both cups freeze?”.  With preschool age children, allow them to touch and reason.

Math- Averages

Ingredients:  Shoe size of all family members. Have your child to add together the shoe size of all family members. Then have the child divide the total by the  number of people. The answer is your family’s average shoe size. Allow the child to figure out hat the average age would be if that child and one sibling each went up one size.

Where Am I? –Geography

Ingredients: Pencil, index card, world map. Hide and seek geography. Draw a plus sign on an index card, label the four points north, south, east and west. Lay the card so the north points toward the top of the map. Tell your child to hide in a continent or an ocean. Tell the child which continent you are on. Have your child give you compass directions to help you find the child. You might say, I  am in Ethiopia. Where are you? If the child is in Hawaii, the child would say, I am west of Africa. Continue asking questions to narrow the search. Such as which ocean is west of you? Once you identify where your child is, trade roles and let your child ask questions while you give directions.


Ingredients: Desire, experience and know how to manage a household. To successfully manage a household, consider  who is in the house. Define each term using a dictionary or the internet. Reason.  Economics, bank, consumers, producers, services, budget, supply, debt, demand. Accept Yahoshua’s words and accept HIM. Those that sow in tears, reap in joy. Psalms 126:5. For home school support email: yahoshuasbatofzion@gmail.com


Ihit Akhotee,

Mary Rose

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